【Yuko Araki】Designated as the new muse of the makeup brand Evercolor, a new colorway is here!Love at First Sight: Jiji.com



Aisei Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Higashiyodogawa-ku, Osaka City, Representative: Ryohei Goshima, hereinafter the Company) will appoint Yuko Araki as the new muse of the makeup brand “EverColor1day” and release a new visual.
Meanwhile, from April 2022, “Evercolor One Day Natural” will release two new colors.

Evercolor One Day x Araki Yuko New Visual Release!

From the sweet and cute vibe to the cool and stylish vibe presented by the new image model Yuko Araki, various worldviews of the entire 5 Evercolor series have attracted attention. We will develop visual movies mainly in stores, brand sites, and SNS.

“Video Movie”

“Introduction to Yuko Araki”
Born on December 15, 1993 in Tokyo.
Widely used as an actress and model, she has appeared in many well-known works such as “Blue Code – Dr. Heli Emergency Life Saving – Season 3”, “Suit/suit” series, “My Killing Intent to Fall in Love” and so on. In addition, he has also starred in “Motokare Mania” and “Confessions of the Serpent W Kraken”. With 4.46 million followers, the official Instagram account is gaining widespread support across generations.

From Evercolor One Day Nature CollectionMake your eyes look sweet and sweetnew color2Colors are here!

This new color is a shot that will give you the sweetest and cutest eyes in Evercolor history!
With a jelly-like “purun” sheen and clear eyes, you’ll fall in love at first sight.

pupil love
For purun and sweet eyes
Sweet and soft warm brown. Beloved shots that make you fall in love at first sight.

heart of nails
For pale and short eyes
Light and transparent grey beige. An unforgettable shot.

can be eaten naturallyComplete11Color lineup

Added transparent nuance color for easy everyday use. The selection has expanded.

New color release commemorative!<first come first served>novelty activitiesWell

Customers who purchase two or more boxes of Evercolor One Day Natural at the Target WEB Store will receive one original Evercolor design bag on a first come, first served basis.

□ Eligibility period: April 1, 2022 (Friday) ~ * Due to limited quantities, while stocks last.

* A gift will be given with each purchase.
*The event will be held at some stores and stores. caution.

SNS gift campaignandcatch!

Event 1. << You can win an Amazon gift certificate worth 500 yen on the spot! Twitter activity
Follow and retweet Evercolor’s official Twitter, we will hold an event, and 1,000 people will receive a 500 yen Amazon gift on the spot.
□ Registration period: March 28 (Monday) – April 27 (Wednesday), 2022
□ Evercolor official Twitter account

* This campaign is provided by Aisei Co., Ltd. Amazon does not accept inquiries.
Please contact the Evercolor One Day Event Secretariat[[email protected]].
*Amazon, Amazon.co.jp and their logos are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates.

Event 2. << Win a desk calendar autographed by Yuko Araki! Instagram Activity
Follow and like Evercolor’s official Instagram, we will run a campaign to win a desk calendar autographed by Yuko Araki.
□ Registration period: March 28 (Monday) – April 27 (Wednesday), 2022
□ Evercolor official Instagram account

Large-scale commercial development at Shibuya Station “Love at first sight with these eyes”

From March 28 (Mon) to April 3 (Sun), Yuko Araki’s Evercolor commercials will be displayed at various locations in Shibuya Station.

□ Period: March 28 (Monday) – April 3 (Sunday), 2022
□ Deployment location
Tokyu Shibuya platform gate sign (sign)
In front of Shibuya Station Scramble Plaza (sign)
Tokyu Shibuya Denenichi Line Big 14 (big poster)

The Evercolor One Day brand website has been updated!

The Evercolor One Day brand website has been updated.
The Yuko Araki x Evercolor special movie and website are full of brand charm, so please take a look.

□ Eva-Color brand website: https://evercolor.jp/campaign/index.html

About Evercolor One Day

The Evercolor line is a line of colored contact lenses that has sold 300 million units since its launch in 2011.
Based on the “basic feeling that can be used every day”, it is widely used as a brand that fits into the trend moderately.
We are developing 52 tinted lenses in all 5 series.

Evercolor One Day will continue to approach customers’ desire for beauty through color touch businesses.

【product Overview】
□ Product name: Evercolor One Day Natural
□ Brand name: Evercolor One Day Natural Moist Label UV (Hitomebore no Koi, Nailing Heart, Clear Camel, Pearl Beige, Smooth Coral, Natural Mocha, Apricot Brown, Classic Teak)
Evercolor One Day (Natural Brown, Champagne Brown, Natural Black)
□ Colors: Love at First Sight, Nail Heart, Clear Camel, Pearl Beige, Smooth Coral, Natural Mocha, Apricot Brown, Classic Teak, Natural Brown, Champagne Brown, Natural Black
□ Wearing cycle: 1 day once
□ Quantity: 20
□BC: 8.7mm
□ Diameter: 14.5mm
□ Moisture content: 42.5% (Tomi Ai, Nail Heart, Transparent Camel, Pearl Beige, Smooth Coral, Natural Mocha, Apricot Brown, Classic Teak)
38.6% (natural brown, champagne brown, natural black)
□ Center thickness: 0.08mm (for -3.00D)
□ Color diameter: 13.6mm (love at first sight / nail heart) / 13.8mm
□ PWR: ± 0.00 -0.50 to -5.00 (0.25 steps) -5.50 to -10.00 (0.50 steps)
□ Approval number: 22600BZX00273A02 (Tomi love, nail heart, transparent camel, pearl beige, smooth coral, natural mocha, apricot brown, classic teak)
22300BZX00212A01 (natural brown, champagne brown, natural black)
□ Manufacturer: Aire Co., Ltd.
□ Distributor: Aisei Co., Ltd.
□ Official online shopping site: https://evercolor.jp
Product page: https://evercolor.jp/i/070

Company Name: Aisei Co., Ltd.
Address: 4F, ​​Lucid Square Shin-Osaka, Higashi Nakajima, Higashi-Yodogawa-ku, Osaka City 533-0033
Phone number: 06-6327-3790
Representative: Ryohei Goto
HP: https://www.aiseis.jp
Email: [email protected]

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