A new version of the form development component that supports the latest environments such as .NET 6 and is equipped with many new functions will be released on April 20 | Press Release of Grape City Co., Ltd.


GrapeCity Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 3-1-4 Murazakiyama, Izumi-ku, Sendai City, President: Naoyuki Baba) is a .NET development component “Active Reports for .NET” that can develop form applications on Visual Studio. A new version “16.0J” will be released on Wednesday, April 20, 2022.

The price of one development license for the highest version “ActiveReports for .NET Professional” is 308,000 yen (10% tax included). It comes with maintenance service, one year of technical support and free upgrades from the date of purchase.

ActiveReports for .NET 16.0J released

ActiveReports has all the features you need for form development, from design settings such as layout and formatting to data connection, printing and output settings to PDF.

We have adopted three form design methods: “section report”, “page report” and “RDL report”, and use different report formats according to the form type, which can meet the productivity and flexibility required for Japanese form development. Do.

The new version “16.0J” supports the development of desktop applications (Windows Forms/WPF) using .NET Core, and also supports Microsoft’s application framework “.NET 6”, which enhances support for the .NET environment and enables the development of high-performance .NET application.

Additionally, some reports are now compatible with ASP.NET Core. This makes it possible to display and output tables in all report formats using the JS viewer and PDF export functionality. Since the application operating environment supports Windows, Linux, and Mac environments, it can be used across platforms.

In addition, when displaying text vertically, the “Tatechuyoko” function that draws half-width alphanumeric characters horizontally in the text and the new barcode format “GS1 Data Matrix” can be used. By installing it, you can easily achieve more expressive forms than ever before.

In addition to this, we have added many new features to support the development of forms with various requirements according to customer requirements.

For more information on ActiveReports for .NET, see the product page.


● New environment supported by ActiveReports for .NET 16.0J

[兼容 .NET 6 和 Visual Studio 2022]

It supports the latest version “.NET 6” of Microsoft’s application framework “.NET” and the latest version “Visual Studio 2022” of the integrated development environment “Visual Studio” for .NET applications.

[Column report supports ASP.NET Core]

Some reports will be available in ASP.NET Core applications.

This makes it possible to output forms in all three report formats offered by ActiveReports using a JS viewer or PDF export.

It supports not only Windows, but also Linux and Mac environments as application operating environments.

Some reports support ASP.NET Core

[Compatible with .NET Core / .NET desktop applications]

Supports desktop application (Windows Forms/WPF) development with .NET Core and .NET in all report formats: partial reports, page reports, and RDL reports.

Support for .NET Core / .NET desktop applications

● What’s new in ActiveReports for .NET 16.0J

[Tate-chu-yoko(页面报告/ RDL报告)]

When displaying text vertically, you can use “Tatechuyoko”, which draws half-width alphanumeric characters horizontally in the text.

Support Yoko Lizhong

【Radar Chart (Page Report/RDL Report)】

Radar Chart has been added to the chart formats (plot templates) that can be used with the Chart control. You can create four types of radar charts: area, bubble, scatter, and line.

You can visually compare data from multiple projects, which is ideal when you want to see the balance and characteristics of your data.

4 kinds of radar charts


The “Visibility.Hidden” property has been added to the page object in the page report to control the visibility of the page. Combined with Expressions, you can conditionally control whether or not pages are displayed.

This is useful when you want to use different page layouts based on the content of your data.

Page display/non-display control

[用于创建 PDF 表单(部分报告)的控件 *]

Add report controls “InputFieldText” and “InputFieldCheckBox” to create PDF forms. When you export to PDF, it will be output as an input form.

Controls for creating PDF forms

[Compatible with JSON data sources (partial reports)]

JSON-formatted data consisting of key/value pairs can now be set directly as a form data source. It facilitates collaboration with external web applications such as web APIs.

Support for JSON data sources

[GS1 数据矩阵(所有报告格式通用)]

Added “GS1 Data Matrix” for ethical medicines and medical devices as a symbol that can be used for barcode control.

GS1 Data Matrix

[Blazor 查看器(所有报表格式通用)*]

We will provide a new “Blazor Viewer” which can be integrated and used with ASP.NET Core Blazor. You can embed it in Razor components of Blazor Server and Blazor WebAssembly to take advantage of features like report preview, printing, and various exports.

Blazor Viewer

* This is a limited feature of ActiveReports for .NET Professional.

What’s New in ActiveReports for .NET 16.0J For more information, visit the product page.


● Company Profile

Company Name: Grape City Co., Ltd. [GrapeCity inc. 略称:GrapeCity]

Date of establishment: May 1980

Capital: 90 million yen

Representative name: Go straight to Baba

Company website: https://www.grapecity.co.jp

Business: Development and sales of software development support tools


Development and sales of business improvement solutions


Development and sales of school enterprise management software


Various video production and studio offerings


Development and sales of English education solutions for infants and toddlers


Development and sales of social welfare facility software


Domestic office: Head Office 3-1-4 Zishan, Izumi-ku, Sendai City/

Kanto Branch/Kansai Branch/North Kanto Sales Office/ Metropolitan Area Sales Office/Kyushu Sales Office

Overseas Offices: USA/China (Shanghai/Xi’an)/India/Vietnam/Korea/


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