A total of 1,500 households at MUJI have passed the highest rating of the revised energy-saving standard. | MUJI HOUSE Co., Ltd. Press Release


■Comparison of energy-saving performance data of “MUJI House” with the highest energy-saving level

■ About the energy saving measures of “MUJI House”

Since its release in 2004, MUJI’s residences have adopted the highest thermal performance in all buildings that exceeds the next-generation energy-saving standard of level 4 at the time, as well as the long-term excellent residence certification system (2009), since then high energy-saving performance is required , due to its high thermal performance originally in new systems such as Regional Residential Brand Business (2012-) and Regional Residential Brand Business (2012-), it has received standard certification specifications at no additional cost.

However, due to global environmental and energy issues, our Japanese awareness and demand for insulation and energy-saving performance of houses have changed, and we plan to popularize ZEH (Net Zero Energy House) in 2020. The Ministry has announced the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

In 2015, Muji’s house looked to the future and thought it was time to aim for the best performance that can be achieved now, so the double insulation + triple glass window frame was standardized. We achieved insulation levels of approximately 30% above the ZEH (Net Zero Energy Home) standard that was the “recommended” standard at the time.

At present, the government has set the goal of ensuring the energy-saving performance of new houses and buildings after 2030 to meet the ZEH/ZEB standard level, and requires to accelerate the improvement of the decarbonization rate of houses.

Equipped with “the best insulation I can think of right now” walls, roofs and windows, MUJI’s homes will continue to be the front runners for comfortable, environmentally friendly homes for many years to come.

■ The concept of “Muji Home”

Muji’s house exterior insulation has a double insulation standard specification that combines exterior wall insulation and infill insulation, and we did it. (average value of buildings delivered in 2021)

In addition, all buildings of MUJI’s houses have seismic performance of “seismic grade 3”, and the SE construction method adopted is “SE” for columns and beams of “structural laminated wood”, and the strength is obvious. Enable Structural Calculations to numerically demonstrate the durability of structures. In MUJI’s house, each building to be constructed is individually calculated for the structure. By simplifying the appearance and architectural shape, a one-bedroom space with few partitions is created, and the space composition can be flexibly changed according to the changes in the occupant’s lifestyle and family composition.

■Commodity composition of “Muji Home”
Following the “Ki no Ie” (2006 Good Design Award, 2015 Long Life Design Award) released in October 2004, the new product “Window House” (2008 Good Design Gold Award) was awarded in April 2007. ) has been released. In April 2014, the urban three-story house “Vertical House” (winning the 2014 Good Design Award) was released, and in September 2019, the single-story house “Yo no Ie” (winning the 2020 Good Design Award Best 100) was released. Published, There are currently 4 products.

■ National model house
Aomori store (wood house, window house, sun house), Sendai store (wood house), Niigata store (window house)
【Kanto area】
Utsunomiya shop (wood house), Takasaki shop (wood house/yang house), Kumagaya shop (wood house), Kuki shop (wood house), Tsukuba shop (window house), MUJI Shinjuku Family Center (tree house), Tokyo Ariake Center ( Yo no Ie), Gangbei New Town Store (Ki no Ie), Shonan Store (Window House)
Hamamatsu shop (wood house), Nagoya shop (wood house/window house), Okazaki shop (wood house/window house), Kanazawa shop (wood house)
Otsu shop (wood house), Kyoto South shop (wood house), Nara shop (wood house), Grand Front Osaka house center (wood house), Osaka South shop (wood house), Wakayama shop (wood house), Takarazuka shop (wood house/window house) , Himeji store (wood house)
【Chinese place】
Kurashiki Store (Wooden House), Hiroshima West Store (Wooden House), Yonago Store (Wooden House), Yamaguchi Store (Wooden House)
Kagawa store (wood house)
Nagasaki store (wood house), Nakatsu store (window house), Oita branch (wood house/sun house), Kumamoto store (wood house/window house/sun house), Kagoshima store (wood house)
all 34 bases

■ Timetable for the opening of future model houses
“MUJI Fukuoka store (wood house / poplar house)” is scheduled to open in May 2022 in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
“MUJI Iwate Store (Kinoie)” Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture scheduled to open in October 2022
“MUJI House Omiya Store (Wooden House)” Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture Scheduled to open in November 2022
“MUJI House Nagano Store (Kinoie)” Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture Scheduled to open in December 2022
“MUJI House Sapporo (wood house, window house, poplar house)” Hokkaido Kitahiroshima is scheduled to open in December 2022

■ MUJI HOUSE Company Profile
Company NameMUJI HOUSE Co., Ltd. President Nobuo Domae
Address 170-8424 4-26-3 Higashi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Phone 03-3989-7731
Established May 31, 2000
Capital 149 million yen (as of September 1, 2021)
Business content Direct sales and network management of living space with MUJI Home Furnishing as the core / product planning / development / wholesale sales

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