A tribute to the most iconic watches ever created by the Swiss watch industry. Swatch Releases 11 BIOCERAMIC MoonSwatch Collections


Press release source company: Swatch Group Japan Co., Ltd. Swatch Business Division

Delivery date: 2022-03-24 19:30:00

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Swatch announces collaboration with Omega. Innovative Swatches for Speedmaster Moonwatch
I added a little.

Of course, this is the first time Swatch and Omega have collaborated in this way.World Luxury Brands and Street Bras
The trend is a collaboration between the two brands, but we were surprised by the advanced partnership between the two brands.
We create an innovative new product by fusing the best parts of the product.

Omega and Swatch have created a collection of 11 Swatch models.Inspiration from space
Named after each star, from the giant star at the center of the solar system to the surrounding dwarf planets, the design is sensible.
It is a model.

All sample designs are produced by BIOCERAMIC, a registered trademark.Two thirds are ceramic, three thirds
1 is a unique blend made from castor oil.Use special colors like pink and light blue
So it’s not a standard Omega Speedmaster, but an avid fan of the Moonwatch
You will notice the characteristics of the overall appearance. It incorporates all the main design features of Moonwatch.
Asymmetric case, famous “Dot Over 90” tachymeter scale, unique Speedmaster support
Budial, everything is a perfect match.

Omega’s Moonwatch is a legendary and must-have watch for collectors.witty swart
Chi’s BIOCERAMIC MoonSwatch collection is open to all fans with its iconic design
We will offer it at this price. The watch that landed on the moon put its foot on the ground. Swatch I who cherish the joy of life
Represents the Novation philosophy.
This new collection comes in unique colors.Each MoonSwatch has its own mission and inspiration
It features ration engraving and OMEGA X SWATCH logo on the dial and crown.
The battery cover has a description of the planets.
VELCRO (C) straps for spacesuits create the look of an astronaut.
For those who dream of traveling to Earth, MoonSwatch is the perfect companion for your travels.This model is partly from March 26
Only sold at the Swatch store.

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Collection introduction:
Uranus mission
A page dedicated to the gods of Greek mythology
Le blue.
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Pluto Mission
A grey, burgundy dwarf planet.
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Venus Mission
Light pink oval sub-dial
Respect the planet of love.
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Earth Mission
Celebrate our irreplaceable planet in blue and green.
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Mars mission
The fiery red timepiece on the Alaska Project watch.

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Saturn Mission
A beautiful beige watch with Saturn’s rings at 6 o’clock.
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Neptune Mission
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[画像10: https://prtimes.jp/i/46261/85/resize/d46261-85-aea4af46f1f623b138c7-10.jpg ]

Pay homage to the big icy planet with an icy deep blue.

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