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【Yaotang Holdings Co., Ltd.】

Physical stores and online sales are strong, JA Hanamaki Iwate Agricultural Products Outlet Store starts sales from March, Metropolitan Hotel Morioka New Wing starts “andOHU facial cleanser accommodation plan”, adding new products in the unoff topic.

With a new vision of “designing the world’s health from the Tohoku”, the Group has released it in Yakuodo Co., Ltd., a subsidiary with more than 360 drugstores in 6 Tohoku prefectures. ) In addition to the skincare line (cleansing oil, face wash, moisturizing lotion, moisturizing milk, lip balm), we are pleased to inform you that the all-in-one gel will be available starting Tuesday, March 29th.

“And OHU” is an eco-friendly skin care product jointly developed with Fermenstation Co., Ltd. that upcycles unused resources such as natural materials and by-products from Tohoku. Since its launch in December 2021 in the entire Pharmacy store and on the EC website, it has been reported on various media such as TV, newspapers, and online articles, and the cumulative sales volume has exceeded 3,800 units, and the response has been enthusiastic. This time, we’ll expand the lineup and add an all-in-one gel.

In addition, to commemorate the release, we will conduct a 10x WA!CA point campaign for all and OHU series products.
(Target period: March 29 to May 8 ※Only when purchasing at a drugstore)

◆ About All-in-One Gel
A step in daily care. It’s fresh and light, which quickly leads to bare skin. Fermented extracts derived from rice and vegetable oils are tightly concentrated.

Commitment to Products: Contains 95% Plant-Based Ingredients
*Main raw materials from Northeast China: organic rice mash extract, organic rice ethanol, rapeseed oil,
Sunflower oil, sunflower oil, barley seed extract, etc.
Capacity: 50g / Price: 1,000 yen (1,100 yen including tax)

◆ Initiatives with JA Iwate Hanamaki
“Wa-OHU” is sold at the farm produce outlet run by JA Iwate Hanamaki.
Please pick it up when passing by.

Mother House Dasuko (in JA Iwate Hanamaki main store), Azemichi (in JA Iwate Hanamaki Kitakami store)
*The following two stores will start sales in the future.
Suginoki (Southwest of Road Station) Mother’s House Dasuko Coastal Store (JA Iwate Hanamaki Otaki Store)

Sales Background JA Iwate Hanamaki Review
JA Iwate Hanamaki recommends that producers in the Hanamaki area produce millet alongside rice, wheat and soybeans, and are working to create a millet-producing area.
JA Green Service Hanamaki Pro Nomu Hanamaki Business Headquarters is a subsidiary of JA Green Service Co., Ltd. and is responsible for the processing, distribution and sales of the millet produced, and sells it in JA Iwate Hanamaki directly-operated stores and other directly-operated stores nationwide …
This time, the oil extracted from “Nuka” of “Hie” produced in Hanamaki, a millet-producing area, is used in Yakuodo Co., Ltd.’s original skin care products and launched. We’ve started selling it to make it known and used by people. When it comes to “millet”, it is usually cooked and eaten with rice, but with the slogan “beautiful body and skin”, it has gained new practical value by understanding new aspects as a cosmetic raw material. I hope that through the birth, the enthusiasm of the producers will be increased and the production will be expanded.

◆ Initiatives with Metropolitan Hotel Morioka New Wing
If you stay at Hotel Metropolitan Morioka New Wing with the “and OHU (unoff) face wash accommodation plan”, you will receive and OHU (unoff) face wash. Please take advantage of this opportunity.

Official website of Hotel Metropolitan Morioka
[期间]March 5 (Saturday) – May 31 (Tuesday), 2022

Start working on the background of Mr. Kimura’s comments from Hotel Metropolitan Morioka New Wing Accommodation Planning Manager
I heard that “and OHU Face Wash”, which uses raw materials from Tohoku and is eco-friendly, is a product born to effectively utilize the abundant unused resources, and I realized that it is one of the new charms.
For business trips or business trips, guests staying at this hotel can use high-quality facial cleansers unique to skin-friendly and environment-friendly areas, experience comfortable facial cleansers, and use their travel memories here to enjoy when they return home. We have selected this 100g size product as an accommodation plan item so that you can enjoy it.
Hotel Metropolitan Morioka New Wing will continue to welcome customers who seek an unknown breath of life through interaction with people, food, town and culture.

◆ Review past activities
Comments from Rina Sakai, CEO of Fermenstation Co., Ltd.

I’m always happy to see OHU’s products and the faces of other producers lined up in a pharmacy booklet. Many who picked up the product happily said they liked the fragrance, the fluffy lather, the feel on the skin, and were satisfied with the moisturizing effect. While experiencing the benefits of raw materials such as fermented rice and sunflower oil, I feel that it is due to the abundant nature of the Tohoku. Also, we have received comments that we are using unused resources in the Northeast, and we have selected and purchased products based on the producer’s feelings about the environment and the region. I want to spread it on the product.

Comments on Sunflower Oil Producer Oigawa Kokuki

The fun of going to the pharmacy has increased!
“I’m glad I made some locally produced cosmetics,” an acquaintance said. “I bought it because I thought it contained sunflower oil from Ishiwa (Oshu, Iwate Prefecture).”
I want you to learn more about the fact that local products are such wonderful cosmetics.

Comments from Koichi Saigo, Director, Managing Executive Director and Sales Manager of Yakodo Co., Ltd.

Hearing the impressions of customers and OHU products that have actually been used, as well as the reactions inside and outside the company, I once again experienced the wonders of raw materials made by local producers, which I did not know before.
In this initiative, we were able to create new possibilities for raw materials by using local raw materials to manufacture eco-friendly cosmetics, while employees’ awareness of SDGs has also changed.
Thank you Mr. Sakai for giving me this opportunity, for his feelings about the environment, for the local producers for the region, and for the support of our customers.

◆ Voice of customers using existing products
“The smell heals you. Every time you use it, your senses are reset.”
“It’s amazing to be able to use natural cosmetics developed in Tohoku!”
“If you use a whipping net, it turns into a fluffy lather! Your skin will be hydrated and smooth.”
“The makeup remover is so smooth and the makeup comes off.”

◆ About stores and products
Dealer: All Yakuodo stores,
Mother’s House Dasuko (where JA Iwate Hanamaki main store is located)
Youdao (JA Iwate Hanamaki Kitakami branch website)

EC website URL: https://andohu.com/
* For EC sales, an additional 500 yen shipping fee is required in addition to the product price.
EC website QR code
range oil

Contains more than 10 kinds of carefully selected vegetable oils such as millet, sunflower and rapeseed.
Carefully remove dirt while keeping it moist.

Capacity: 120ml Price: 1,200 yen (1,320 yen including tax)

wash your face

Wash your face comfortably every day with a soft lather.
Gently cleanse the skin with fermented ingredients and plant extracts derived from rice.
*95% combination of plant-derived ingredients

Capacity: 100g Price: 1,000 yen (1,100 yen including tax)

moisturizing lotion

Based on chestnut natural water, it contains a large amount of fermented extracts of coix seed, cherry leaves, and rice.
It suits the skin very well and has excellent moisturizing power.
*95% combination of plant-derived ingredients

Capacity: 120ml Price: 1,200 yen (1,320 yen including tax)

moisturizing milk

Fermentation from rice and botanical bounty lock in moisture, leaving your skin hydrated without drying out.
Wrap your skin in a healing scent like Kuromoji.
*95% combination of plant-derived ingredients

Capacity: 100ml Price: 1,200 yen (1,320 yen including tax)

All-in-one gel

A step in daily care. It’s fresh and light, which quickly leads to bare skin. Fermented extracts derived from rice and vegetable oils are tightly concentrated.
*95% combination of plant-derived ingredients

Capacity: 50g Price: 1,000 yen (1,100 yen including tax)


Highly moisturizing lip enriched with organic rice, millet, sunflower, rapeseed and other extracts and oils. Smooth to use and prevent drying.
*97% blend of plant-derived ingredients* Fragrance-free

Capacity: 4g Price: 600 yen (660 yen including tax)

◆ The origin of the “and OHU” name and logo

origin of name
The six prefectures in the Tohoku region are called “Ou”. Named “and OHU”, it hopes to create value for products by using materials grown in various counties, environmental protection, natural circulation, and connecting with users. I did it.

Origin of the logo
Since it is a brand that uses only natural materials from 6 counties in the northeast, the image is that 6 circles are connected to each county to form a single product with a simple design and a nut-themed.

◆ Our thoughts

Our philosophy is Local x Environment x Manufacturing.

By effectively utilizing the abundant unused resources of the Tohoku
“I want to make products that are gentle on the planet and on human skin (hypoallergenic, naturally derived ingredients)”
“I want to deepen my relationship with local agriculture and manufacturing through product development.”
Based on this feeling, we are working on product development.
In addition, by using this product, not only Tohoku, but also Tohoku
We hope this will be a stepping stone to contribute to the global environment.
Click here to view the manufacturing plan considering distribution (concept movie QR code)
◆ Our Commitment
You can see manufacturers in the northeast, and the raw materials are rich in functionality.
Sourcing raw materials from Iwate, you can visit the producer directly and see the creator’s face

*1 Ethanol (feel improver), (Aspergillus/yeast)/Rice fermented extract (humectant) *2 Rapeseed oil (emollient) *3 Sunflower oil (emollient) *4 Hienuka oil ( Emollient) * 5 Hatomugi Seed Extract (Moisturizer) * 6 Black Word/Twig Oil (Flavor) * 7 Somei Yoshino Leaf Extract (Moisturizer)

Environmental friendly
Eco-friendly container that reduces carbon dioxide from plant-derived materials and combustion by approximately 60%

6 free prescriptions
Based on plant-derived ingredients, we focus on natural formulations and achieve 6 free formulations

◆ Introduction of main raw materials
1. Organic Rice (Oshu City, Iwate Prefecture) Organic Rice Moromi Extract/Organic Rice Ethanol*

A cosmetic raw material obtained by fermenting and distilling organic JAS rice grown by rice farmers in Oshu City using our unique manufacturing technology. It has a mellow texture derived from rice, a light rice aroma and functions derived from fermentation. Rice is grown on fallow land, and the distiller’s grains produced during the production of raw materials are also used as feed for cattle and chickens, which are carefully used and recycled without waste.
*(Aspergillus/Saccharomyces)/fermented rice extract, ethanol

2. Sunflower (Oshu, Iwate Prefecture) sunflower oil
Bathed in the sun, the sunflowers bloomed into the sky. As fertilizer for sunflower fields, we use chicken manure from chickens that feed on the fermented lees left over from the production of organic rice ethanol, and cultivate with pesticide-free and chemical-free fertilizers. Squeeze at your local oil workshop.

3. Hienuka (from Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture) Hienuka oil
Iwate Prefecture, Japan’s largest millet producing area. As a grain rich in dietary fiber and minerals, barnyard tares, which has attracted much attention as a superfood, is made into an oil that can be used as a cosmetic ingredient, commercializing skin care products for the first time with OHU.

4. Coix Seed Extract (produced in Ichinoseki City, Iwate Prefecture) Coix Seed Extract
This is pearl barley grown on JAS certified farms. At and OHU, we luxuriously blend coix seed extract carefully crafted from organic farms.
In addition, we use plants rooted in Iwate, such as rapeseed, Kuromoji, and Yoshino cherry blossoms.

◆ About Farm Station
Fermentation Station is a R&D start-up company, with the purpose of “fermenting a renewable society!”, to build a society that can regenerate and recycle idle resources.
We have an R&D base and our own factory (Oshu Laboratory) in Oshu, Iwate Prefecture, and use our unique fermentation and distillation technology to develop and manufacture ethanol and sustainable cosmetic ingredients. In addition to the raw material business that sells these sustainable raw materials as raw materials for cosmetics and daily necessities to cosmetic manufacturers and raw material wholesalers, the organic cosmetics business of our company’s own brand, cosmetics and lifestyle that are consistently developed from raw material proposals Product development, etc. We are engaged in ODM/OEM business. In addition, co-creating new high-value-added products with major companies, upcycling by utilizing various unused resources such as by-products and food scraps produced in the manufacturing process of food and beverage factories. We are working on it.

In addition, alcoholic grains produced in the ethanol manufacturing process are used as raw materials for cosmetics and feed for local chickens and cattle, and chicken manure is used as fertilizer in paddy fields and fields. We are also working hard to form community. – oriented society.

Company Name: Fermenstation Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Rina Sakai
Location: Room 04, Garage Center, 1-16-3, Yokogawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0003
Established: July 7, 2009
Business: Provide/develop raw materials for cosmetics/grocery/wine, etc., cosmetics/gross OEM/ODM,
Business co-creation with unused resources, internal organic brand business
Company website: https://fermenstation.co.jp/
Online shop: http://www.fermenstation.jp/
Introduction of cooperative products: https://fermenstation.co.jp/collabo/#products

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