Announced “Tabelog Steak / Teppanyaki 100 Famous Stores 2022” – Top 100 Famous Steak/Teppanyaki Stores Highly Rated by Tabelog Users-


Posted “Tabelog Steak / Teppanyaki 100 Famous Stores 2022”
Top 100 steak and teppanyaki restaurants highly rated by tabelog users 35 in Tokyo, 11 in Hyogo, and 8 in Osaka

The restaurant search/reservation site “Tabelog (” operated by Co., Ltd. was launched by “Tabelog Steak” on March 31, 2022 (Thursday), and acquired Tabelog users.・100 Teppanyaki Famous Stores 2022″ was announced.
 Announcement website:

About “Tabelog Steak / Teppanyaki 100 Famous Store 2022”
“Tabelog 100 Famous Stores” is a food award that announces 100 highly rated stores by genre. Since 2017, we have released various types of products every year, and this time we released “100 famous restaurants for steak/teppanyaki”. This time, 35 stores in Tokyo, 11 stores in Hyogo Prefecture, and 8 stores in Osaka Prefecture were selected.

11 stores in Tokyo and 5 stores in Osaka were selected for the first time
From Tokyo, you can taste and compare Tajima beef lineage Kobe beef, Mita beef, Iwate shorthorn beef, etc. “FORNO” (Hiroo) that you can taste was selected for the first time. In addition, “Peter Luger Steak House Tokyo” (Ebisu), which has attracted attention as the first overseas expansion from the United States, has been selected for about half a year since it opened in October 2021.
All stores selected from Osaka Prefecture are within Osaka City. It was the first time to enjoy Kobe beef and Omi beef while enjoying the view from the 40th floor above ground. Steak. Was elected.

About selection method
Selection base date: March 29, 2022
Select the top 100 stores with the highest comprehensive score from the stores that meet the following conditions
The first type is “steak” or “teppanyaki”

100 Famous Steak/Teppanyaki Stores 2022
The first main store in Tokyo (11)
Store name/region

Urara/Meguro Ward
Okahan Main Store / Chuo Ward
Kuzushi Iron Plate Abagura Kanda Store/Chiyoda Ward
SAMURAI dos Premium Steak House Yaesu Steel Building / Chiyoda Ward
Tajima Beef Club Furnace Pot Charcoal Grilled Steak Ichinomiya / Chuo Area
Takami/Shibuya Ward
Peter Luger Steak House Tokyo / Shibuya Ward
Bifuteki Kawamura Ginza Store / Chuo-ku
PENTHOUSE GINZA hanare: / Chuo Ward
Lawry’s The Prime Rib Ebisu Garden Place Store / Shibuya Ward

The first main store in Osaka Prefecture (5)
Store name/region

Akami Modern Chop House/Fukushima Ward
Kurura Teppanyaki and Sushi / Kita Ward
Steak Wellhead / North End
Bobino / North District
Lawrys the Prime Rib Osaka/ Kita Ward

* Please be careful when going out, such as taking measures to prevent infectious diseases.
 You can check the measures against the novel coronavirus infectious disease at the following website.

・Cabinet Cabinet Office: Measures against Novel Coronavirus Infectious Diseases
・Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare: About novel coronavirus infection

*Business days and times posted on the website may be difficult to operate.
 Please contact the store in advance when you arrive at the store to confirm.

[关于Tabelog 100名店]

In Tabelog, together with the annual award “The Tabelog Award (” which honors “delicious” restaurants that Japan is proud of, it can be used to select restaurants that meet diverse needs. , has announced 100 well-known stores of various types. This year will continue to launch okonomiyaki, curry, ramen and other varieties.

The restaurant search/reservation site opened in March 2005. You can enjoy searching stores based on your needs and tastes from recommendations from people who match your tastes, various search criteria and unique article content. You can also book online 24 hours a day from your smartphone.

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・About the tabelog app:

As of March 2022, the number of restaurants published is about 820,000, and the number of reviews published is about 45 million.
Access status: Number of monthly users: 136.52 million, total monthly PV is 1,899.29 million PV (result in December 2021).
(monthly users by device) Smartphones: 121.17 million PCs: 15.35 million

* How to measure monthly users​​:
It is based on the number of browser users visiting the site (depending on the specific browser, operating system, etc., the number of users revisiting may repeat after a period of time). In addition, we try to eliminate duplication of user numbers due to mechanical visits such as high-speed display of mobile web pages and third-party automated collection programs.

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