Austin Water publishes rebate list, tools to help customers save money and water


Austin Water has released a list of discounts to help customers save money and water as temperatures rise.

Topping the list are two WaterWise rebates from Austin Water.

WaterWise Landscape Residential Rebates Help residents convert lawn grasses into native plant beds, reducing or even ending the need for additional watering. Rebates are up to $1,750 per property, or $35 per 100 square feet. To be eligible for this rebate, you must be an Austin Water residential customer or a qualified water provider. Applications are available online.

To learn more about this rebate, click here.

WaterWise Rainscape Rebate Help residents and schools install landscaping features such as patios and rain gardens to keep rainwater on properties. This helps prevent runoff and reduces pay water usage for landscape watering. The rebate amount is up to $500 per property, or $0.30 per converted square foot. Applicants for this rebate must be a residential or school customer of Austin Water.

To learn more about this rebate, click here.

Applications for the WaterWise rebate have been extended to April 30.

There are many other rebates for residential customers, including:

  • Cartridge Pool Filters: Replace Sand or DE Pool Filters with Cartridge Pool Filters up to $250
  • Irrigation Upgrades: Up to $1,000 to improve irrigation efficiency
  • Landscape survival tools: up to $120 for compost, mulch, and core aeration services
  • Laundry to Landscape: Up to $150 to Repurpose Laundry Gray Water to Water Landscape
  • Pool Covers: Up to $200 for new pool covers
  • Rainwater Harvesting: Up to $5,000 for equipment that collects rainwater

Austin Water’s rebate list also includes free water saving tools.

Some free water saving tools include:

  • Shower: Water efficient showers save up to 2 gallons of water or more per minute
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Faucet Aerators: Aerators mix water and air to reduce water usage
  • Soil Moisture Meter: This meter measures soil moisture to help you know when to add water
  • Water Saving Hose Meter: Digital meter attachment for garden hoses and hose end sprinklers to monitor and control water usage
  • Sunshine Calculator: This tool measures the amount of light each area of ​​your yard receives to help you choose the best plants for the conditions

To see a full list of rebates, tools and programs, click here.

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