Bookstore “Bunko Fukuoka Tenjin” Meets Books 1st Anniversary Special Exhibition “Books and Divergence” 1st Anniversary March 31st (Thursday) Free admission! | Nippon Publishing Sales Co., Ltd. Press Release


On March 31, 2021, the bookstore “Bunko Fukuoka Tenjin” for encounter books opened on the 7th floor of the Iwataya Main Building, Fukuoka Tenjin, as a new business format that incorporates the cultural school “Gaku IWATAYA”. After paying the entrance fee, you can come across your favorite from around 30,000 books, and of course we offer the value created by the mixing and coexistence of both formats.
To commemorate the first anniversary of the opening of the store, we will hold a special exhibition “Book and Divergence” from March 31 (Thursday) to April 30 (Saturday), 2022. In addition, we will also sell limited edition lucky bags “Wenxi Private Collection”, a selection of books that will become “branch seeds” that allow you to understand your personality and point to a new world.
In addition, admission is free all day on March 31 (Thursday), the 1st anniversary.

■ Outline of the 1st Anniversary Special Exhibition “Books and Branches”
Date: March 31 (Thursday) – April 30 (Saturday), 2022
Hours: 10:00-20:00 *Business hours may be shortened due to various circumstances.
Venue: “Bunko Fukuoka Tenjin” free/paid area
Admission fee: 1,650 yen on weekdays, 1,980 yen on weekends and holidays, 550 yen for elementary and junior high school students all day
(all tax included)
*Free admission for preschoolers.
*The paid area will be free all day on March 31 (Thursday).

■The contents of the first anniversary of the opening of the store
(1) Special Exhibition “Books and Turning Points”

With shelves of about 30,000 books and a children’s bookstore “Bunka Fukuoka Tenjin” where parents and children can spend time together, people of all generations visit for various purposes, and many stories are born every day.
A special exhibition on the theme of “Books I met at a turning point in my life/People who have their own way”, from a desire to feel the rich stories born here and the irreplaceable encounters between books and people. “Books and Turning Points” will be held.
On the magazine wall in the free area, we will present the reading history of three fantastic characters using physical books. You can enjoy everyone’s “branch points” by overlaying them on yourself.
In the paid area, we will introduce the books selected by the staff of Bunxi and the staff of the cultural school “Iwataya Gaku” that became the turning point of each. In addition, we will solicit the “Book of Destiny to Be Your Turning Point” on the store and store SNS, and will develop the application book in the paid area of ​​the store.


“Books and pivots” concept

All kinds of people with their own stories come to the “Photo Book Store”.
Books are always waiting for the moment to open.
I want to tell you that I am not alone. I want to tell you that you are you.

When I walk my life being guided, when I hesitate trying to get out, there must be a book out there.
When you get lost, when you hesitate to take a step, there is a book waiting for you here.

one year anniversaryA special exhibition “Books and Divergence” will be held, hoping to continue to be a place where books and people can irreplaceably meet.
This is a project where you can see books and people who are attracted to each other, such as book exhibitions that you meet at a certain stage and turning point in your life, and an exhibition of “Book of Destiny”. A form of engagement with customers.
The encounter with the book is here. Please feel healed and stimulated.


(2) The lucky bag “Wenxi Private Collection” is on sale in limited quantities ※From Thursday, March 31, while stocks last.
We will be selling a limited number of “Wenxi Private Collection” books on the theme of “Branch Seeds” that point to a new world, mind your own personality. The best gift bag for gifting and reading in the new season, where you can enjoy the excitement of seeing content and encounters with unexpected books. It will be sold at the “Bunko Fukuoka Tenjin” shop (free area).

Price: Approx. 4,400-8,800 yen (tax included)
Number of books: about 2 to 5 books depending on the price
Select topic: “Branched Seeds”

(3) Free admission on store opening anniversary
Admission is free all day only on Thursday, March 31, the first anniversary of the store’s opening.
Please take this opportunity to explore the various consumption patterns of “Culture Fukuoka Tenjin”.
* Admission may be restricted. Note that you may have to wait to get in.

■Outline of “Culture Fukuoka Tenjin”
Address: 810-8680 7th Floor, Iwataya Main Store, 2-5-35, Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Business hours: 10:00-20:00 (LO 19:30)
* Business hours may be shortened due to various circumstances.
Regular holidays: irregular holidays
Tel: 092-717-5180

■ Consultation on this matter
Person in charge of the Publicity Division of the President’s Office of Nippon Publishing and Sales Co., Ltd.: Yoshino, Yoshida
TEL.03-3233-3829 FAX.03-3233-6045
Email: [email protected]

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