Concord Street’s Rockland 40B project receives conditional water approval


ROCKLAND – A development that will build four homes on a site previously considered “unbuildable” on Concord Street in Rockland has received conditional town water approval but is still awaiting sewer approval.

Developer Lou Petrozzi told a Rockland Zoning Appeals Board meeting last week that he submitted revised plans to the board to address previous concerns about heights and drainage, as well as the town’s peer reviewers for 320 Concord St.

Petrozzi proposed a four-home development under Chapter 40B, which would allow developers to bypass local zoning rules in neighborhoods where less than 10 percent of housing is considered affordable. According to the latest state estimates, 6.4 percent of Rockland’s housing is classified as affordable.

The home at 320 Concord Street, Rockland, which was never occupied since it was built ten years ago, was demolished by John Tasinari on Monday, May 3, 2021.

The point of Chapter 40B is to allow developers to bypass restrictive zoning rules in towns and build taller, larger, denser developments to increase the number of units available.

Joseph LaPointe, director of the Abington-Rockland United Water Works, said in a letter that the project received conditional approval at the waterworks’ Jan. 20 meeting.

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