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CROMWELL – Cromwell Town Council approved plans for its water treatment plant to improve its construction site at its meeting on Tuesday, before approving a tender advertisement.

Casey Erwin of the town’s engineering firm DLZ said the extension to the water treatment building will house new filters and pumps. The block building will then feature sheet metal and a sloping metal roof will replace the current roof.

Owen asked the city council to consider what color paint should be used on the restored elevated water tower, which has been in use since 1974. The current color scheme is blue and red hot air balloons.

The water tower is usually painted blue with the town’s name written next to it, he said. Any special design or color scheme is an option, but will cost more money.

Bid advertisements for the water project will be posted soon, with bids likely to open at an April 19 meeting, Erwin said.

Council members also selected District 3-A as the grant administrator for the water program, on the recommendation of the Grant Procurement Scoring Committee. The committee members are City Council President Jerry Pauley, Clerk and Treasurer Kayla Pauley and Cromwell resident Jane Miller.

Among other businesses, Wawasee Tent & Tools of Syracuse, a tent and canopy rental company, sold the town’s 2004 plow truck for a whopping $9,600. Thirteen bidders submitted sealed bids, which Jerry Pauley opened and read during the council meeting.

Cromwell’s Spring Cleaning Day is Saturday, May 21, 8am-2pm Townwide Garage Sales are Thursday-Saturday, June 23rd-25th.

Cromwell Festival will be held from September 23rd to 24th, with Friday’s events in Town Park and Saturday’s in the city centre.

During the public comment period, Mandy Mawhorter of the Noble County Public Library Cromwell Branch requested guidance on handling parking complaints when the library is hosting a program, event or event in its meeting room.

Two nearby businesses, a pizzeria and a liquor store, complained that their express parking customers couldn’t park in front of their store to rush into their products. One communication on social media became very negative, Mawhorter said.

The library branch has a parking lot at the back of the building and has posted a sign that the parking lot is available for patrons. Mawhorter said some customers prefer to park in front of the building on Jefferson Street, near the accessible entrance and elevator to the second floor.

Anyone who rents meeting space in the library knows there’s a parking lot in the back, but Mawhorter says she can’t force people to use it.

Town Attorney Jay Rigdon said the parking lot on Jefferson Street is public, so business owners complaining cannot designate certain parking spaces for their own use.

Imposing time limits on public parking is also an enforcement issue, as Cromwell has no space for law enforcement officers to monitor violators.

Cromwell resident Devin Miller also spoke about the parking issue, pointing out that the Cromwell Post Office car park opposite the library is not a public car park. Drivers who park illegally after the post office closes could be towed from federal property, he said.

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