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505 Games is an action-adventure PC version developed by Kojima Productions on March 30.Death Stranding Director’s Cut]Published.

The game is a single-player game that aims to reconnect the split by manipulating protagonist Sam Porter Bridges, who plays American actor Norman Reedus, in a third-person perspective. world.

In “DIRECTOR’S CUT”, new functions, missions, weapons, vehicles, buildings, racetracks, training grounds, stories (stocks) with new connections, etc. were added in the original “Death Stranding”. The PC version will continue to support ultrawide resolutions and high frame rates.

extension element

  • “Evolutionary Mobile Unit” that softens the shock of landing from a high place

  • New device “luggage catapult” to keep luggage far away

  • ‘Self-following robot’ that supports Sam’s deliveries by carrying loads of luggage

  • A new weapon, the “Maser Gun,” that deals staggering damage over time to enemies through electrical discharges

  • A new facility “Training Ground” where you can practice weapons and combat and compete for high scores

  • “New quests” added as the game progresses

  • Challenge the previously fought bosses multiple times from the menu in the private room

  • “Ranking System” that lets you compete for speed records with players from all over the world

  • Music player added “8 songs”

  • A “jumping platform” where you can use your reverse trike to jump over valleys and decide on great tricks to look great in photo mode.

  • “Race Field” where you can compete with players from all over the world for the fastest time

The PC version of the game was released on PlayStation 5 in September 2021 and is available now on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

If you already own the original Death Stranding, you can upgrade for 1,280 yen. If you want to buy new, you can buy it for 4,980 yen.

How to take over save data from the original version

It should be noted that when inheriting the original archive data, please check whether the 1.07 patch of the PC version of “Death Stranding” has been played, and whether the archive data has been successfully inherited to the PC version of “Death Stranding” Director’s Cut. . It is recommended that you do not delete the original save data until you can confirm.

  • Launch version 1.07 or later of Death Stranding on your PC while connected to the Internet.

  • Select “Load Game” on the title screen of “DEATH STRANDING” and start the game from the save data to be transferred to “DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT”.

  • Press the OPTIONS button on the front of the facility delivery terminal to open the handcuff terminal.
    Select System -> Upconvert Saved Data. (* 1)

  • Details about saving the data transfer will be displayed. Check the content and select OK.

  • At this point, the archived data for the running Death Stranding will be upconverted and saved in local storage.

  • Launch Death Stranding Director’s Cut on your PC. (* 2)

  • On the “DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT” title screen, select “Load Game (Save Death Stranding Data)”.

  • You can play the game from your Death Stranding save data saved in your local storage. A new save data for the Death Stranding Director’s Cut is created immediately after the game starts.

  • (*1): In order to select “Save Data Upconversion” on the handcuff terminal in the game Death Stranding, the following conditions must be met.

  • The handcuff terminal must be opened in front of the delivery terminal at each facility.

  • Sam’s nomination request was not ordered. If you are receiving an order, please complete the request first, then select Sam Nomination Request if the order has not been received.

  • (*2): To read save data upconverted by “Death Stranding”, “Death Stranding Director’s Cut” needs to be started with the same account as when the upconversion was performed.

The expanded PC version of “Death Stranding DIRECTOR’S CUT” is now available on Steam and the Epic Games Store for an upgrade price of 1,280 yen and a new purchase price of 4,980 yen.

The PS5 version is currently on sale, with the digital version on the PS Store for 5,451 yen, a 16% discount on the standard edition, and a 14% discount on the digital deluxe version at 6,527 yen until April 13.

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