“Death Stranding” Director’s Cut PC Version Releases Today, March 30th


505 Games and Kojima Productions are coming to PC (Steam, Epic Games Store) on Wednesday, March 30th“Death Stranding Director’s Cut”Coming soon.

(The picture comes from the sales page of the director’s cut version of Steam “Death Stranding”)

“Death Stranding”“Metal Gear”famous for the seriesHideo KojimaThe debut work of Kojima Productions led by the director.Norman ReedusHe has gathered many topics by appointing famous actors such as Mr.“The Game Awards 2019”He has won many awards such as Best Game Direction, Best Score/Music and Best Acting.

in the director’s cutDynamic 4K resolutioncorrespondrace trackorluggage catapult,shooting training range,Unmanned delivery robotMany new elements and widgets have been added. Content released for PS5 in September 2021 will be released on PC this time as well.

(The picture comes from the sales page of the director’s cut version of Steam “Death Stranding”)

in PC versionSigned Exclusive Global Marketing Partner Agreement with IntelThe company’s latest graphics technology“XeSS”correspond. It is said that the magnificent scenery is beautifully depicted in the works.

and“High Frame Rate”or“Ultra Wide Display”We also implemented extended functions for PC users, such as supporting PC users, to enrich the experience.valve“half life”CD Project RedCyberpunk 2077Of course, the content of the collaboration is also recorded.

Before this release, Friday, March 25thlaunch traileralso released. The background divided into rectangles changes many times, introduces the characters and scenes in the game, and finally reaches the “PC”.

The PC version of Death Stranding’s Director’s Cut will be available on Wednesday, March 30th. Since it will be released simultaneously around the world, it will go on sale around 23:30 Japan time.the price is4980 yen(tax included), but users who already have the PC version of Death Stranding can visit the various stores.1280 yen can be upgradedYes.

Also, in our magazine Den Famitsu Kogamer, to celebrate the launch,“Love”illustrator is calledMr. Mino Taro (@mino_taro)In “Death Stranding”fan artI let you draw it.

At the same time, we are running an event to showcase a mini print of the same illustration and a new version of “BB POD”. Please do not hesitate to apply.

Click here to view the Steam “Death Stranding Director’s Cut” sale page
Click here to view the Death Stranding Director’s Cut sale page on the Epic Games Store

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