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FUJISOFT (Headquarters: Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, President and CEO: Satoyasu Sakashita) and Hazama Ando (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Masato Fukutomi) jointly provide the headset provided by Microsoft. We developed “Environmental Watch ver” .2″ and started operation at the Ando Ma Institute of Technology using the indoor environment visualization technology of the display terminal “HoloLens 2”.
With this technology, data such as temperature and humidity measured by sensors can be displayed indoors in real-time AR* in addition to the pre-implemented display of simulation results provided in “Environment Watch”.
Users can view simulated and real indoor conditions ahead of time, and can use it as a tool to uncover issues that were often overlooked in the past. We will contribute to the enhancement of customer value by improving the indoor environment and early detection of problems in equipment operation.

Figure 1: System overview

* AR (Augmented Reality): Augmented Reality, a technology that expands human perception of information. By actually overlaying 3D objects and displaying them, you can see the objects and phenomena there.

1. 1. Development background
The “Environmental Watch” released in 2018 was highly praised by customers who participated in the demonstration. However, since we focus on the ability to display pre-simulation results of the indoor environment, many users want to visualize the indoor environment in real-time. Therefore, we added “real-time display function of measurement data” and “cloud content management function” and developed it as “Environment Watch ver.2”.

2.System Features
① Real-time AR display of sensor data such as room temperature
– By connecting with the cloud, changes in the indoor environment measured by the sensor can be displayed in the real space while being reflected in the model at 2-minute intervals. (figure 2)
– It is also possible to go back in time and check the indoor environment using the data stored in the cloud.
(2) Simultaneously manage 3D content of multiple sites in the cloud
– By using a dedicated web application, you can easily manage indoor environment data (3D content) at multiple sites on your PC*.
③ Place QR codes at key points to improve the accuracy of the display position.
– Align 3D content with QR codes. By installing it in multiple locations, you can always correct for positional deviations between the actual space and what happens when you use the terminal. (image 3)

*3D content: 3D models of temperature/humidity sensor data and pre-simulation results displayed in AR by this technology are collectively referred to in this way.


Figure 2: Near real-time visualization of room temperature
Real-time display in real space is achieved by collecting data from a ceiling-mounted (air) temperature sensor using a measurement server, and transferring it from this server to Ambient Observation Version 2 via the cloud. The image above shows how the indoor temperature changes due to the influence of air conditioning.


Figure 3: QR code scanning status analysis

In February 2022, the technology was applied and started operating at the Ando Mama Institute of Technology. In addition to applying the real-time display function of the indoor temperature distribution linked with the temperature sensor data in the ZEB demonstration area*1 installed in the facility, the function of switching multiple 3D simulation results and designing the BIM*2 data in advance and displaying them in AR.

*1 ZEB Demonstration Area: An area maintained within the Mama Ando Institute of Technology for the purpose of demonstrating the energy saving and comfort of basic technologies related to ZEB (Net Zero Energy Building).
*2 BIM (Building Information Modeling): A 3D building model reproduced on a computer with information such as cost and materials added.

4. Start nowdeploy
We plan to aggressively expand into design work and construction sites as a tool for checking air-conditioning equipment during as-built inspections, supporting indoor temperature measurements, and communicating with clients when buildings are delivered.
Currently only point displays of scalars such as temperature and humidity are supported, but in the future we will work on surface data displays such as wind direction and speed and surface data such as thermal imaging to expand the use of this technology. I will continue. In addition, we will continue to develop to expand applications such as visualization of pollutant spread and space comfort.

Environmental Watch
Development of indoor environment visualization technology “Environment Watch” -Visualization of indoor temperature and airflow through AR-

Microsoft HoloLens 2

A standalone holographic device developed by Microsoft. By superimposing the 3D hologram of the virtual world on the real world in front of you, a device that realizes “mixed reality” that combines the real world and the virtual world. It is a head-mounted display that operates independently, so there is no limit to the walking range, and the hands are free, so it is being used in business.

Fujisoft Co., Ltd.
FUJISOFT is an IT solutions provider dedicated to solving the business problems of clients in various industries and business forms. We support our clients’ DX by providing various solutions for our priority technology areas AIS-CRM (Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Security, Cloud, Robotics, Mobility and Automotive). Provide customers with optimized solutions such as improving work efficiency and work style reforms for frontline workers (frontline workers on construction sites, etc.) in many industries such as construction, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare. suggest a method. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as HoloLens with multiple possibilities to introduce support services, we aim to utilize and deploy in various fields such as linking of various business data and open data and visualization of invisible data. ..

HoloLens Introduces Support Services
A service provided by FUJISOFT to support next-generation business improvement using Microsoft HoloLens / Microsoft HoloLens 2.
By visualizing phenomena and information that cannot be seen in the real world, FUJISOFT will support the improvement of operations that were previously considered difficult to increase efficiency by utilizing HoloLens.
With the technical capabilities of HoloLens and FUJISOFT, we will provide customers with new value and support the creation of new businesses.

Ando Room
Hazama Ando is an integrated construction company that aims to create new value and achieve a prosperous future through manufacturing.

Ando Mama Institute of Technology

* Microsoft HoloLens2 and Microsoft are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States, Japan and other countries.
*Other company names and product names mentioned are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.

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