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On March 30, 2022, Dyson released the “Dyson Zone”, an air-purifying headset with noise reduction.

This product is equipped with noise reduction, a high-quality sound system, and the ability to remove airborne pollutants such as indoor dust and particulate matter.

It will be available online at Dyson.com’s Dyson Demo starting in fall 2022. At present, whether it will be deployed in Japan and when it will be released has not yet been determined.

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Dyson releases its first wearable with noise-cancelling, the Dyson Zone Air Purifying Headphones

Dyson Limited (Jack Dyson, Chief Engineer, Hlavington, UK) has released the Dyson Zone, its first air-purifying headphones with noise cancellation, on Wednesday 30 March 2022. Starting in Fall 2022, the Dyson Zone Air Purifying Headphones will be available at Dyson Demo, Dyson.com, other stores and online in select regions. At present, whether and when it will be deployed in Japan has not yet been determined.

Dyson releases

Dyson releases

Dyson releases

Dyson releases

Dyson Zone is Dyson’s first wearable air-purifying headphones. In addition to removing air pollutants such as indoor dust, particulate matter and harmful gases, it blocks noise with advanced noise reduction and high-quality acoustic systems.

As the world’s urban population continues to grow, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that nine out of ten people in the world breathe in dirty air that exceeds WHO guidelines. Lockdowns and stay-at-home orders due to the novel coronavirus epidemic have temporarily lowered nitrogen dioxide values ​​in urban areas, but they have surpassed pre-pandemic values ​​in many cities around the world. It has also been said that more than 100 million people, or about 20% of the European population, are chronically exposed to noise outside WHO guidelines.

Chief Engineer Jack Dyson said: “Air pollution is a global problem. It affects everywhere we go, including at home, at school, at work, when travelling, walking, cycling or taking public transport. Dyson Regional Air Purifying Headphones Can purify the air you breathe in when you travel Unlike ordinary masks, it uses a high-performance filter and two small air pumps to purify the air without touching your face. This time after 6 years of research and development, we are happy to provide purification Rear air and clear, clean sound wherever you are.”

6-year development cycle and over 500 prototypes

The Dyson Zone Air Purifying Headphones are based on Dyson’s nearly 30 years of expertise in airflow control, air purification and motor technology, as well as a deep understanding of indoor and outdoor air quality. A compressor in each earcup draws in air through two layers of filters and delivers purified air from the left and right to the wearer’s nose and mouth through a non-contact shroud. Non-contact shields are designed to keep the purified airflow as close to the nose and mouth as possible from wind blowing from the side of the face. Dyson Zone Air Clean headphones feature advanced ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) technology to block noise and create an immersive experience that lets you enjoy your music and how it really looks.

Dyson releases

Dyson releases

Dyson releases

At the beginning of development, it was a combination of an air-purifying mouthpiece similar to a breathing tube and a backpack with a motor inside, but after 6 years of development, the Dyson Zone air-purifying headset has undergone earth-shaking changes… More than 500 prototypes In the early stages, one motor located at the back of the neck was changed to two compressors and placed in each ear cup. As a result, the snorkel-like mouthpiece became a touchless shield and evolved into a new mechanism that effectively delivers clean air without touching the entire face. The development of the contactless shield was an essential task for Dyson engineers, as full contact would be uncomfortable to wear. Airflow design and hood development are the most important factors in delivering cleaner air. The shape of the shield is designed so that the purified airflow from the left and right filters overlaps the central mesh area along the shape of the wearer’s face and is efficiently delivered to the nose and mouth.

Dyson engineers have gone beyond existing testing methods, using a medical-grade artificial lung and breathing manikin (commonly known as Frank in the photo), capable of detecting inhaled pollutants. The test is performed while reproducing the breathing pattern. In the lab, we measured air pollution levels around the nose and throat and measured the effectiveness of filtering particles that reached Frank’s artificial lung. The compressors inside the earcups are precisely designed to fit into the headphone space and draw in air through two layers of filters. Charged electrostatic filters capture particulate matter from ultrafine particles, brake dust, industrial combustion chambers, buildings, etc., and activated carbon filters capture gases such as NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) and SO2 (sulfur dioxide) from urban areas. The compressor delivers purified air to the wearer’s nose and mouth through a non-contact shield that leads to the wearer’s nose and mouth.

scientific method

Dyson releases

For the first time, Dyson engineers working on audio technology have taken a scientific approach. Dyson’s team of audio engineers and acousticians design great audio based on metrics backed by extensive hearing tests. The result is pure, rich audio with advanced noise cancellation. A high-performance neodymium electroacoustic system was developed in each earcup as a wearable device. With a wide playback frequency band, it is optimized to accurately reproduce the collected sound, so you can enjoy the sound that musicians and creators want.
Dyson engineers have developed a more advanced noise reduction system. Unique microphone array technology reduces external noise and motor drive noise for advanced active noise cancellation at home, at work or on the go. In addition, high-frequency noise is blocked by firmly attached ear pads, which are large and angled along the shape of the ear.

Designed for comfort, inspired by riding saddles

The shape of the human head varies greatly. A detailed study of the head and face shapes of people around the world shows how the Dyson Zone Air Purifying Headphones match each head and face shape, headband attachment and shield shape. I am able to measure how the product works, such as material, material, and adjustments when installed.
The Dyson Zone Air Purifying Headphones are inspired by the shape and design of a riding saddle. The saddle curves along the horse’s spine and attaches to the left and right areas of the spine to spread the load. This idea was applied to the cushioning section in the center of the headband, which is designed to distribute weight to the sides rather than the upper part of the head.

The development of the ear pads is also important in three areas: comfort, head stability and noise reduction. Using foam as the material for the ear pads was a natural choice, but Dyson engineers delved into the construction of various foams and chose the best material based on density, compression ratio and rebound ratio. ..all of these are important for balancing head and ear fit and stability when worn, but also very important from an acoustic point of view. The molding around the ears improves airtightness and suppresses external noise by employing larger contact points. The earpads are intentionally flatter than traditional earpads and sloped from head to ear for optimal fit and reduced sound distortion.

Global Initiative

Dyson Zone Air Cleaner Headphones are designed by teams from the UK, Singapore, Malaysia and China, and the software is developed by teams at the Singapore and Malaysia Tech Parks. Developing the ability to track air and noise pollution is an important project. Like all Dyson products, the Dyson Zone Air Purifying Headphones are warm. In addition to the UK, they are also tested by professional test engineers at Dyson’s R&D center in Malaysia for drops, material and fabric wear tests, and button firmness. It has been carried out to the limit, such as testing in hot climates and high humidity.

About the Dyson Zone Air Purifying Headphones

  • Air-purifying earphones with groundbreaking noise-canceling capabilities, allowing you to enjoy purified air and high-quality audio on the go.
  • The electrostatic filter captures 99% of PM0.1 particles such as house dust, pollen and bacteria.
  • Activated carbon filters capture city gases such as NO2 (nitrogen dioxide), SO2 (sulfur dioxide) and ozone.
  • Non-contact shields are designed to handle outdoor crosswinds and deliver purified air to the nose and mouth.
  • Dyson Zone Air Purifying Headphones feature the smallest motor of any Dyson product to date in each ear cup.
  • With advanced ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) and a high-performance sound system, it delivers immersive sound that faithfully reproduces sound as musicians and creators expect.
  • Fifteen undergraduates from the Dyson School of Engineering and Technology are involved in the Dyson Zone project to support areas as diverse as sound development, electronics and airflow.
  • 3 Active Noise Cancellation Modes:
    1. Isolation Mode provides a rich and immersive audio experience with ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) technology, such as when you need to focus on the task at hand.
    2. Lowering the touchless shield activates conversation mode. Automatically turn off purification to save battery power and make conversations sound clearer.
    3. Transparency mode is designed to amplify important sounds like emergency alerts and information announcements so you can recognize your surroundings.
  • 4 air purification modes: low, medium, high, automatic. Due to the need for various breathing modes, such as when exercising, in automatic mode, the on-board accelerometer automatically switches between high, medium and low purification speeds as needed.
  • 4 formats:
    1. If you want to use the air purifier, audio playback and ANC at the same time, you need to install the touchless shield.
    2. It can only be used for audio playback. The non-contact shield is removable.
    3. If you need to wear a mask, you can seal your mouth with the included (planned) community face covering.
    4. In areas where an FFP2 compliant face covering is required, the included (planned) FFP2 face covering can be used.

Dyson’s Air Quality (AQ) Initiatives

Dyson engineers have been removing particulate matter from airflow for nearly 30 years. It started with cyclone technology and the world’s first paperless bag vacuum, and has since evolved into cordless vacuums, robot vacuums, omni-drive cordless vacuums, hand dryers, air purifiers and humidified air purifiers. In the past ten years, Dyson’s research on indoor and outdoor air quality has been highly valued since the birth of the Dyson air-conditioning appliance category.

In addition to product development, Dyson works with research and academic institutions to advance the global understanding of air quality. In 2019, Dyson engineers developed a prototype backpack for the Breathe London project with built-in sensor technology for use in Dyson air purifiers. 250 elementary school students wear backpacks with particle and gas sensors, GPS and battery packs to monitor air quality pollution inside and outside the school. The data has been used to further study air quality, and since the survey, 31% of participating children have changed their routes to and from school to minimize exposure to air pollution. For more information, see Newsroom.

Facts and figures about Dyson

  • Dyson V12 Detect Slim Cordless Cleaner, Dyson Purifier Humidify + Cool Formaldehyde Humidifying Air Purifier, etc. To create a healthy indoor air environment, we will invest £2.75 billion (approximately 415.2 billion yen*) in new technology research and development over the next 5 years. Planned investment, including plans to increase engineers in areas such as software, machine learning and robotics and scientists.

* 1 pound = 151 yen conversion

  • Dyson produces a product every 1.26 seconds.
  • Last year, Dyson made its 100 millionth digital motor. The motors run five times faster than Formula 1 engines and are used in cordless cleaners, hand dryers, hair dryers and hair dryers.
  • Dyson uses prototype backpacks with built-in sensor technology in air purifiers in 14 cities, as well as air purifiers connected to 1,576,658 Dyson Link apps in use worldwide. We have done extensive research on air quality during lockdown and without going out.
  • With 90% of startups failing, 70% of James Dyson International winners are commercializing their projects.

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