“Education DX is old!”, YouTuber, an active teacher with a distribution environment comparable to that of professionals, aiming to reform education with artificial intelligence ~ 【”IT Kemomichi” by Kazujo Takeda: 8th: Tou Ando (Aoyama Gakuin) Middle/high school lecturer)]–INTERNET Watch


Nobuyoshi Ando (Lecturer in the Middle and Higher Divisions of Aoyama Gakuin)

The eighth meeting was with Mr. Nobu Ando, ​​a middle and high school lecturer at Aoyama Gakuin who has been working on ICT in school education for many years before the government introduced the GIGA school concept in 2019.

The YouTube channel “GIGA ch.” with the theme of “Enjoy Education with Technology!” has more than 12,000 subscribers, and the video distribution/editing studio at home has professional distribution equipment. .

Currently, the term “education DX (digital transformation)” is widely used, but Mr. Ando seems to feel it is “outdated”. Mr. Ando’s vision for Education DX is education reform using AI. For him, AI is more human than humans and can make the right decisions, so he is actively incorporating AI-related projects into school classrooms.

We asked Mr. Ando how he works in education and the AI ​​stories he focuses on.

“I’d like to introduce some sharp people in the IT/Security industry!”

Mr. Takeda Kazujo. Transferred from LAC Co., Ltd. to VeriServe Corporation in 2022 after working as an independent SIer and a major manufacturer SIer. He is also a director of the NPO Japan Postggre SQL User Association. As a marketing strategist, he has authored books and various IT media, and has spoken at seminars.

… Mr. Kazuki Takeda of VeriServe Corporation, a pioneer in the software verification industry, has a strong reputation in IT quality improvement techniques.
 According to him, there are many(?) sharp people in the industry who have been walking “Kemo no Michi”.

This series is
“There are all kinds of things that I’m in the industry right now.”
“The industry had such a problem/problem, but it was solved by ○○”
“This kind of XXXX is ○○○!”

It’s going to be a plan for everyone to talk about the problems they’re facing, the inside stories, and the things they’re crazy about. What kind of story will emerge…?

Active as a YouTuber, video revenue goes to students buying PCs

——Mr. Ando, ​​who is well-known in the field of GIGA school concept and programming education, is also an active YouTuber. First, can you tell me how you made the video?

[安藤氏]I made videos of all the concerns and questions raised by the teacher, as well as videos based on my own experience. We also publish videos on how to conduct online classes, but we use them as official videos for individual cities, towns and villages. For example, an explanation video of using Google Forms to test Chinese characters has recently become popular.

Also, we explain on YouTube the free app “Plask” that I think will revolutionize gym lessons! ? The feature of this app is that you can create CG animations by tracking the movement of the characters in the video.

Usually, gym classes are mostly about exercise. Even if teachers lead by example, few teach you how your body works. However, if you shoot motion video and use this app, you can use AI to animate it and analyze the motion from every angle. You can check what your senses are doing with video and you can analyze it scientifically.

In addition, because of the new crown disease, we also explained in the class how to make a mask that AI detects and automatically opens and closes when eating and drinking. All ingredients are available at the 100 yen shop.

By the way, the “GIGA ch.” channel has more than 12,000 subscribers, and the monthly advertising revenue is about 100,000 yen. The students are very happy because the income is used for education, such as buying PCs for students. Some children grow up by preparing the environment.

——The video is also funny because it’s funny, but it’s a great move to use the profits from YouTube to improve the school environment.

School ICT transformation starts with the teacher environment

——I met Mr. Ando around 2014, when Abe’s second cabinet made education ICT one of the pillars of his national strategy, and the education ICT boom was on the rise. At one of the study sessions, when I taught “Introducing ICT will improve my grades”, Mr. Ando said, “Using video improved my grades!” I was pulled out (laughs).

[安藤氏]That was when I was teaching at my former school. Just eight years ago, in 2014, wouldn’t it be easy to improve your grades if you were able to teach high-quality classes efficiently? So I introduced a tablet to my students.

Cooperate with the preparatory school to archive the teaching videos of all famous teachers. We have created an environment where students can listen to any teacher’s lecture at any time. Children improve their grades by watching high-quality video at double the speed and learning efficiently. Although I was in the middle class of an attached high school, it suddenly became a senior and became a small topic.

Of course, some teachers are good at teaching and some are not, so I hope that teachers who are good at teaching will teach and students can choose. Students can only choose schools, not teachers. I feel like losing the opportunity to learn because I hate my teacher is a huge waste.

——I find it quite difficult to introduce ICT in schools, but what is the secret of its success?

[安藤氏]I initially used ICT for public affairs. In other words, not from the student, but from the teacher’s environment.

I felt like I had to force things that were absolutely necessary in school, like entrance exam handling, timetable handling, seat management, etc., because I used my strong programming skills to improve things the school couldn’t do. without it. right. So I think it worked.

During the entrance exam process, I bought a machine for reading transcripts and built the program myself. There was no API to make it work at the time, and if I typed commands in a fumbling state, and did everything about how to react, I could pretty much analyze it and be done with it.

For students, the first thing I do is put up a video of a good prep school teacher. I just made my own system like a “learning supplement” now. It is so simple that it is easy to understand and accept.

After that, the managers gave me a lot of support and budget, so I think that’s the fundamental difference from other schools.

——That’s it! That’s because the teacher is involved in the first place. As far as Mr. Ando is concerned, he is inherently good at ICT, and it is huge that he can do what he can no matter how the world changes.

[安藤氏]In my case, I have a very strong “I want to have fun” and “I want everyone to have fun” feeling. Can I use a video without repeating the same lesson multiple times? I think, even if I pass the high school entrance examination, the teacher will not have to do it by hand for three days and three nights.

Distribute more than 400 videos on YouTube, a professional-grade distribution environment that pursues efficiency

——Currently, Ando-san’s YouTube channel has about 400 videos. There are many, but what is the motivation for editing so many videos?

[安藤氏]Maybe it’s faster to edit. All the crap and lint removal (*remove unnecessary parts) is done programmatically, and all the special effects are included in real time, so it doesn’t take much time to edit.

Thumbnails take the most time! Since the look of YouTube is important, I designed the design myself.

My house also has a photo studio, where I can take pictures when I sit down, and the electricity is 24 hours a day. So when you like it, you can say “yes, hello. Today…” and upload the video to YouTube. So I didn’t do any of the hard work you’d imagine.

By the way, the equipment used for distribution is described in this video.

Equipment List
main camera Sony VLOGCAM ZV-1
Sub camera body Canon EOS R
Secondary camera lens Canon RF50mm F1.2 L USM
gun mike Sennheiser MKE 600
pin microphone Comica XLR Pin Microphone CVM-V02O
earphone Sennheiser PC Headset VoIP PC 5.2 Chat
Microphone/Headphone ZOOM ZDM-1 PMP (Podcast Microphone Pack)
mixer ZOOM PodTrak P4
switcher Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Pro ISO
for special effects El Gato Stream Deck

Home Video Production/Editing Environment

Among them, “Elgato STREAM DECK” for adding special effects is very convenient and recommended. The price is about 20,000 yen. The focus of the online course is to be active with sound rather than video, so when setting up equipment, it is best to start with the sound environment. It would be nice to have an image of doing a radio show.

——There are all sorts of other types of equipment, but what are your criteria for choosing?

[安藤氏]The Broadcasting Department of the predecessor school was the regular school for the National Congress, and has been using professional-grade distribution equipment for many years, since I was a consultant. Some of it was donated by a student who works at a TV station. Partly because of that, I’m lucky and I’m very good at online distribution.

The equipment presented in the video is for home use, but the equipment used in school is packed in a compact effect box.

The computer given by my parents is the starting point of my current activities

——Mr. Ando can do anything by himself, but how did he acquire these abilities?

[安藤氏]When I was in high school, my parents suddenly bought me a computer. When PCs weren’t as popular as they are now, they took me to Akihabara and bought a Sharp model called “X1”. I wanted to play the game on PC, so I just typed in the source code that came with the magazine and debugged it. So if the program still doesn’t work, you might guess that’s why.

I like simulation so much that I went to the physics department. I’m doing theoretical physics and I love computing, so I’m looking at how to formulate nature. It was triggered by the fact that I was given a PC, and it spread to that extent.

In that sense, I think today’s kids are very happy to get a terminal in the GIGA school concept. I want the kids to be able to make a difference when they grow up.

“Education DX is old”Educational reform driven by AI that makes the right decisions

——By the way, what do you think of the GIGA school concept and programming education that the government is currently promoting?

[安藤氏]Starting around 2014, I honestly say “finally”, but because of that, I get all kinds of inquiries a lot.

I’ve been lucky in this regard because now it takes what I originally liked and did. Back then, I was just a nerd geek. Now everyone says it’s amazing, but I really don’t feel it because I like to play.

——Lately, the term “education DX” has become familiar.

[安藤氏]When I dropped out of my previous school to attend BS Nippon TV, I was also working in a private company, but at the time I analyzed the data and visualized it, such as graphing, and how to use it. I am thinking about this.

I think what is now called Education DX is nothing more than visualization of data. Humans think about how to use it, and in that sense, I think Education DX is obsolete. Now, artificial intelligence can correctly judge the work of human thinking.

Simply put, artificial intelligence is about giving computers five senses. AI is about understanding taste, what you see and smell. Knowing them means acting very human. Humans, on the other hand, consider it convenient for themselves, so while humans are thinking, educating DX may also be influenced by the opinions of the majority.

AI also makes us realize that humans don’t know, and I’m very interested in that.

——What does it mean that AI can make better decisions than humans? Please let me know if you have specific examples.

[安藤氏]In the field of long-term care, there is a response to dementia patients who repeat the same things over and over. Humans are tiring to deal with all their lives, and people with dementia are not happy. But with artificial intelligence, you can read the other person’s facial expressions and respond as many times as you like, increasing your well-being.

For example, in schools, AI can read the satisfaction of the class from the facial expressions of the students. If there are many students who are troubled, then the satisfaction will be very low. ..

Right now, I’m personally passionate about the use of AI for education, but probably not yet prosperous. AI is ahead of Education DX, so maybe some will be used in 5 or 10 years.

——Schools have information teachers, don’t they? Will more people step into cutting-edge fields such as AI in the future?

[安藤氏]The fact is that mathematics and science teachers have obtained and taught information teacher licenses, but in fact, there are 18 prefectures that did not take the high school information department teacher recruitment examination in the 10 years from 2005 to 2014. As you can see, this cannot compete with the world.

Information has been neglected in the education industry, but the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has made “information” a compulsory subject in colleges and universities nationwide starting from the general examination for college admissions in 2024. It felt like I had to be determined to do it.

I want to develop human resources that can use artificial intelligence to fill labor shortages

——With Mr. Ando’s ability, it seems that he can do various things in other industries. Is there anything you want to do in the future?

[安藤氏]After all, it’s the AI ​​I’m addicted to now. I think about 80% of human occupations can be done entirely by AI.

When I become an aged care worker in the future, I really hate having young people come in trouble, so I’m thinking about automating everything with AI, which I’m working on as a topic now.

In the case of a low birthrate and an aging population, it would be great if artificial intelligence could make up for the lack of manpower. From this perspective, we are also the backbone of education. By teaching junior high school students, I think I will be able to take advantage of it when I enter high school or society.

In the future, in addition to long-term care, I would like to connect with environmental issues.

Conversation Postscript (Mr. Takeda)

I met Mr. Ando during a lecture at a study group at the Tokyo campus of the University of Tsukuba. At that time (2014), when the Democratic Party of Japan changed its name to the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, education ICT, which had been greatly reduced due to “business classification”, recovered and began to become one of the pillars of prosperity. Japan’s growth strategy, it’s time.

Educational ICTs at that time were still places for higher education such as universities. In elementary, middle and high school, when high-performance projectors called electronic blackboards began to be introduced, some visual effects, such as taking pictures of what the teacher had on hand with a camera, shared simple materials made with PowerPoint in class. Just a level that needs to be raised. Also, textbook publishers started selling rich content like videos, but they were quite expensive and less popular.

Even in this context, public expectations for ICT in education are high, and the introduction of ICT has been criticized for improving the performance of children and students. By writing articles and lectures, I explained the difference between ideal and reality, and the importance of ICT operations that were not experienced in elementary, middle, and high school. However, it was Mr. Ando who completely overturned the status quo of educational ICT.

With more than 10 years of ICT operation results, we have clearly achieved the unimaginable achievement of “education ICT can improve performance”. This dialogue is the status quo after Mr. Ando’s version upgrade. I feel that what Mr. Ando explained goes far beyond the “GIGA School Concept” currently being implemented by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

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