Elden Ring is clear, the 20-minute wall is finally broken. Keep teleporting, if you blink, leave it behind – AUTOMATON


Eldon Ring]is cleared in less than 20 minutes. It will be recorded in game time. It’s a record that gives an amazing answer to the question “In how many minutes can you clear the ‘Elden Ring’ if you dig it?”Please note that due to its nature, this article also contains spoilers for Elden Ring.

This time, it was Mr. Distortion2, an overseas speed runner, who achieved a clear cut in the 20-minute “Elden Ring”. He’s also featured in the Dark Souls series and SEKIRO: Shadows Die Twice. Even in Elden Ring, he’s been one of Speedrun’s leading figures since its February 25th release.

On March 22, Distortion2 set a record 25 minutes in Any% (basically anything) speedrun using glitches (related article). The main techniques used are “Error Warp”, a technique that utilizes a game reload to force warp to the “initial position” of the area, and “Zip Glitch”, which teleports in a straight line in an instant. He went on to push the Zip Glitch today, March 28, setting a new record after a 15-hour battle. The clearing time was 18 minutes and 57 seconds. Currently considered the fastest record in the world in the “Any% Unrestricted” category of “Elden Ring”.

If you watch the challenge video on Twitch, you’ll see how Zip Glitch is wreaking havoc. Please note that the linked video has spoilers, exciting ways the player character is dressed. Distortion2 was immediately twisted by Zip Glitch as soon as it landed on Limgrave land. Blessing “Kanmon-mae” actually moves “in the blink of an eye”. Also, I’ll skip the point where travel time becomes the bottleneck. Maybe it’s because it’s difficult to operate, and there are scenes where he often screams. But in the end, he reaches the final boss with terrifying craftsmanship and decides to defeat the quick attack. Also, challenge the old version Ver.1.02.3 before using the combat technique “Frost Step”.

Zip Glitch is limited to “Any% Unrestricted” on Speedrun.com, a speedrun aggregator. Whether or not the glitch can be executed depends largely on the game environment. A new record for Distortion2 is likely pending or unsubmitted, so Speedrun.com’s No. 1 record holder in the category is now known for “Clear Blindfold” in SEKIRO: Shadows Die Twice. It’s Mr. Mitchriz (related article). In the future, there may be such types of battles that are not understood by ordinary people.
[UPDATE 2022/03/28 22:40]Supplementary information on the overall status of new records

Also, except for Speedrun.com, the heroes who have been learning are shaving. Even in the normal Any% category, which restricts the use of Zip Glitch, there is a 30-minute clearance time. At the time of writing, speed runner Spice leads with a time of 26 minutes and 26 seconds. As a domestic speed runner, Su Te ranked 8th with 29 minutes. It should also be noted that both of these are records of using Frost Stomp before the old Ver.1.02.3 downward revision.

And in the “All Memories” category there was a fierce battle, defeating all the bosses who lost their memories. On this leaderboard, you can see the use of “Pegasus Glitch”, which runs through the air with a torrent of ghost horses (related article). At the time of writing, Siegbruh leads the class with a time of 1:53:2. But recently Distortion2 set a record of 1 hour 48 minutes 6 seconds, so Siegbruh’s record is likely to be the second highest in the world. However, as of this writing, Siegbruh is still in the same category on his Twitch channel. The “Elden Ring” speedrun will set amazing records.

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