Halo Infinite exceeds 90fps even in 4K!An easy-to-understand introduction to the power of the Ryzen 9 and Radeon RX 6900 XT high-end gaming PCs, even for those who don’t know much about PC performance


The GALLERIA “GALLERIA ZA9R-69XT” (hereinafter referred to as ZA9R-69XT) launched this time is composed of high-end components, and the CPU is also a water cooling unit, so you can expect cooling performance with high quietness and stable operation. The LED lights are so bright that the parts aren’t exaggerated, and it has the cool feel of a gaming PC.

Some of the popular eSports events in recent years are competing for personal computer (PC) games, and I think more and more people are considering buying a PC.

Since games for consumer consoles are made to the specifications of the console, the operation is always constant. However, in the case of PCs, performance increases or decreases depending on the combination of components, and a PC composed of higher performing components has the advantage of increased stability and comfort.

Depending on the game, playing on a PC can also be appealing, as it can be played at higher resolutions and higher frame rates than the consumer console versions. Unlike gaming consoles, however, specs vary depending on the product, so many people may be wondering what kind of PC to buy. This time, I would like to introduce a PC with AMD CPU “Ryzen” that is recommended for beginners of such PCs.

In “GALLERIA”, from a high-end machine that comfortably plays 4K games
We even have affordable gaming PCs with Ryzen!

A PC consists of various parts, such as a CPU that runs and processes faster when performance is high, a GPU that makes gaming operations more comfortable when performance is high, and memory for storing data. When making your own PC, you need to consider a balance close to the specifications you need based on your budget, so it is recommended to buy a PC that is sold at a PC store.

BTO (Build To Order) PCs sold in PC specialty stores, from high-end machines with the highest specifications to cost-effective PCs, are sold with balanced components and prices. Also, when purchasing a PC, the recommended custom parts are available as options, so you can increase the performance of the parts with small additions.

Dospara introduced this time is a specialty store operated by Thirdwave, which provides PCs in many e-sports competitions. Thirdwave is developing the game brand “GALLERIA”, so if you want to buy a PC for gaming purposes, you should choose the “GALLERIA” product.

Dospara is divided into brands based on usage, such as “GALLERIA” for gamers and “raytrek” for creators.If you buy a PC for gaming purposes, please select the “GALLERIA” brand

There are many products under the “GALLERIA” brand, but this time we have selected the following 5!

The five models have different combinations of CPU and GPU. The higher the performance of the part, the higher the resolution of the game.

Make CPU model

CPU and GPU have different brand name and model rules for each manufacturer, but for example, the AMD CPU “Ryzen” installed in the PC introduced this time is “Ryzen 9”, “Ryzen 7” and “Ryzen 5”. The higher the number, the higher the performance.

Make a GPU model

The performance of a part called a graphics card with a GPU is also the same. AMD’s “Radeon” will be “Radeon RX 6900 XT” (hereinafter referred to as RX 6900 XT), “Radeon RX 6700 XT” (hereinafter referred to as RX 6700 XT), 6000 is the generation, “9” and “7” are performance. NVIDIA’s “GeForce” is “GeForce RTX 3060” (hereinafter referred to as RTX 3060), 3000 is the generation, and “6” means performance.

Resolution difference

When playing games on PC, the concern is the resolution and frame rate that can be played. Resolution represents the fineness of the display. The target resolution of the graphics card is determined based on performance. With Radeon, the “RX 6900 XT” will be 4K (3840 x 2160 dots), the “RX 6700 XT” will be WQHD (2560 x 1440 dots), and the “RX 6600 XT” will be Full HD (1920 x 1080 dots).

Frame rate is the number of times a still image is rewritten per second, which is 60 fps on a normal TV or monitor. If you want to enjoy games with smoother graphics at 120fps or higher, you’ll need to combine it with a gaming monitor that can display 120fps or higher.

The distribution graph above is an approximate target for each resolution, but this time we will introduce the top model “ZA9R-69XT”. I actually measure performance with popular games like Apex Legends and Monster Hunter Rise, so hopefully that helps when buying.

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