High-performance football stockings debut from “TABIO SPORTS Football”. published on 4/7 (Thursday) | Tabio Co., Ltd. Press Release


Tabio Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Naniwa-ku, Osaka City, President: Katsuhiro Ochi) develops and operates sock specialty stores such as “Sock Shop”, “Tabio” and “Tabio MEN”, specializing in football and futsal. In In the “SPORTS Football” series, we developed, an all-in-one knee-length soccer sock. On Thursday, April 7th, 2022, it will be available for sale at Football Pro Shops, selected Tabio stores and the Tabio EC website.

Football Sockss clench×supportDevelopment Background

In football and futsal, a stand-alone style that combines the calf and other areas below the knee with high-performance socks is now popular with a wide range of people, from top athletes to students. Tabio has been focusing on the development and development of these different types of products.
But on the other hand, traditional knee-length football socks are also favored by many players because of their ease of wearing and strong team compatibility. However, there has been no functional evolution in this area, and there are demands for high performance football socks.
Therefore, this time Tabio decided to develop and sellAs a high-performance football sock, it combines the various functions required to play football or futsal.

existwe are looking for the grip, support and comfort (fitness) that football socks require.
The main specifications and functions are as follows.
○ Grip
– Uses “Nanofront (R)*” for high grip on the base of the toe and heel. Subtle bumps create a lot of friction for a sense of unity between the foot, the sock and the shoe.
○ Supportive
– Supports the arch by applying appropriate pressure to the arch and ankle, reducing the load on the foot during the game, such as reducing arch collapse, and improving player performance.
○ Wear feeling (fitness)
– Rib knit on the mouth to fit the legs naturally and not easily slip off. Aim for a high fit even in body parts.
– Wide heel specification, the wide heel completely wraps the heel for a stable fit.
– The foot adopts an asymmetrical structure, which perfectly fits the left and right feet, improving the fit of the foot.

Considering the environment, all polyesters used as main materials are recycled polyesters.

○Product name: Soccer socks GRIP×SUPPORT
○ size: Available in 3 sizes (S 23-25cm, M 25-27cm, L 27-29cm)
* SS (21-23 cm) will be released in summer
○ Color: 8 colors (white, gray, navy, black, red, blue, yellow, green)
○ Materials: Polyester/Nylon/Polyurethane
○ Price: 2,200 yen (tax included)

LeaveShipping to a fixed date]

April 7, 2022 (wood)

Football Pro Shop, some Tabio Stores, Tabio EC Website(https://tabio.com/jp/)

* “Nanofront (R)” is a registered trademark of Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd.

About “TABIO SPORTS Soccer”
“TABIO SPORTS Football” is a football sock developed by sock specialist Tabio, which incorporates various functions required by football players such as football and futsal. Since its launch in October 2016, it has shipped a cumulative 830,000 pairs (including various items) as of February 2022, and is currently supported by 25 J-League teams and over 300 players.

■ Tabio Ltd.(Topix Second Section Securities Code: 2668)
Since its establishment in 1968, Tabio Co., Ltd. has been pursuing the “second skin” that will make you forget your socks for over 50 years. In order to create delicate and comfortable socks, the products are carefully knitted one by one by Japanese artisans with many years of experience and skills. Currently, there are 249 sock specialty stores across Japan, including “Sock Shop”, “Tabio”, and “Tabio MEN” (as of the end of February 2022).
In addition, we are developing stores called “Tabio” in Paris, London, etc., and the comfort and design made in Japan are highly evaluated overseas.​​​
〇Business Content
Planning/wholesale/retail of socks, development of directly-operated stores (socks store/tabio/tabiooom), development of franchised chain stores (socks store)
○ Homepage: https://tabio.com/jp/

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