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I still remember the day I moved from Iwate to Tokyo 15 years ago, it was my first year in society. Get off at Koiwa Station where your new home is and start your day. Anyway, I am enthusiastic and have a bright future! I feel that way. However, after half a year, I was exhausted and faced my bad self every day, even though I had been dating since my school days. Yes, spring is the time when everyone can’t do it! ! ! (Ha ha)

If I got off at Koiwa Station, I’d say, “I decided not to do my best.” (Thinking OL/Written/KADOKAWA/Published), you may have been able to get through you without the extra energy and energy drain time. I thought about it. This time, I’m going all out in my new life! I’d like to introduce a book that I hope people with a passion will read.

“Everyone is playing. Be a part of the company.”

The author thinks that the OL has more than 100,000 Twitter followers. An active office worker in his twenties, his tweets posted in August 2020 received more than 150,000 likes and became a trending topic.

I’ve been downplaying my sickness and conflict feelings on Twitter, and looking at it when I’m a little tired, my heart is getting more and more… (laughs). This “I decided not to do my best.]is an essay based on OL’s tweets, divided into four chapters.

The new employee era is also written in it, but when I was working in sales, my business partner got angry, and I wanted to cry because it was too painful, as if it didn’t work. There is also a crying pose. When I consulted my seniors about something like this, it was written with such an answer.

Why do old people work with indifference even though they are so hard?

Once, I went on an adventure with my senior. Then he told me, “Everyone is playing. One of the company.”

(Quoted from “I decided not to do my best.”)

I sympathize with it like I put a thick sticky note on it! It wasn’t me who was angry, but I was holding the company’s sign. I think “I suck…” “I have to work harder”, but I’m an employee for some reason, so I’m “the me of XX Co., Ltd.”.

After 36, I naturally started to think this way, but when I was a new person, I didn’t understand, I wanted to do something with my own power. I thought, “Ah~ I wanted to read this when I first graduated!”

How does “self-affirmation” increase?

“Self-affirmation” goes down when you enter society.

I’m a worthless person…I’m the only one thinking about this…I can’t express myself when self-affirmation goes down. It seems that many people have such troubles, and according to the “Awareness Survey of Young People in Japan and Other Countries” released by the Cabinet Office in 2018, the results showed that the self-identity of young Japanese people is low.

How do you feel about self-affirmation?

This is the most frequently asked question since I started Twitter as an OL.

Because I have been worried all the time, I want to answer such a question bluntly.

“Stay away from people who don’t care about you.”

(Quoted from “I decided not to do my best.”)

Self-affirmation is low, so let’s raise it! Don’t overdo it. How can I be myself? With that in mind, it’s important to move to a place that’s right for you.

There are many words from Mr. OL who can think, not only those who are worried, but also those who are unconsciously in a place where self-confidence is lowered. There are many words that will make you feel good.

you can’t run away or lose

Some of you might be thinking, “But isn’t that an escape?” “I decided not to do my best. At the end of the book, it’s written like this.

If you don’t like rain, under a big roof.

If you don’t like the heat, go to the shade of the shaded road.

I didn’t run away. Taking the initiative to find a place to bloom is also a good choice.

(Quoted from “I decided not to do my best.”)

Until now, this is an era that can be managed as long as we work hard everywhere.

In today’s uncertain future, I feel it is most important to find a place where we can do our best. What do you want to do in your life? Who do you want to work with? I think it’s not that you should do your best, but it’s important to try to find a place where you can be serious and where you are.

Not only people who are worried now, but also hopeful new hires who think it’s a magic wand that won’t fall, “I’ve decided not to do my best. I want you to read. Even if you don’t get it right now, the time will surely come. , and there are a lot of useful words, so this is a book that makes me feel that way.


I decided not to do my best.

Author: Thinking OL
Publisher: Kadokawa

I can’t go to the office today either. any. I am still alive. 150,000 people sympathized with Twitter. It’s not unfortunate, but it makes me uncomfortable every day…an article full of hints of life, for such working people.

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