Is drinking ice water bad for overall health?


drink iced beverages, icy water During the summer months, it is very common to resist the scorching heat. While it can help quench thirst, feel refreshed and instantly cool, many don’t think it’s the best thing to do. Is that right? We contacted experts to learn more.

Adequate daily water intake is relevant to support bodily functions, including digestion and metabolism, maintain normal body temperature, and maintain the health of organs and tissues.It also helps to avoid dehydration This can lead to other health problems.

Should cold water be avoided?

Normally, our body’s temperature is 37 degrees Celsius, so if you drink cold water, the body regulates this temperature by expending energy, says Dr. Sonnen Solanki, a consultant pulmonologist at Massina Hospital. Simply put, cold water causes imbalances in the body and slows down the digestive process.

“Furthermore, if chilled water is consumed with a meal, then our body starts to use the energy that regulates body temperature that would otherwise be used to digest and absorb nutrients. Another reason to avoid drinking ice water, especially before meals Or after meals, because it increases the chance of mucous membrane irritation, sore throat and nasal congestion,” says Dr. Solanki.

drinking water Drink enough water, not more (Source: Pexels)

But Shweta Mahadik, a clinical nutritionist at Kalyan, Fortis Hospital, stressed that even if a person drinks cold water on a hot day, there is no apparent health risk. “In fact, according to a 2012 study, drinking cold water during a workout helps prevent overheating, making workouts more successful. This may be because drink cold water Makes it easier for the body to maintain a lower core temperature,” she said.

So, is warm water a better choice?

A study published in 2003, Drinking water increases weight loss during a low-calorie dietary intervention in middle-aged and older adults, It was found that switching from drinking cold water to drinking hot water increased weight loss. Researchers found that drinking 500ml of water before meals increased metabolism by 30%.

drinking cold water when a person is sick cold or fluor if they have any chronic disease that causes slow digestion, it’s probably not a good idea, Mahadik said.

“While warm water does have considerable benefits, cold water has no risks as it has the same benefits as drinking regular room temperature water, which is to keep a person Hydrated Feel refreshed. If you think it’s disrupting your digestive system and health, we recommend that you seek advice from your doctor,” she said.

However, according to Ayurvedic physician Dr. Dixa Bhavsar, it is best to avoid icy water and opt for room temperature or lukewarm water instead.

What is the best way to drink water?

Take a sip by sip.

She also suggested in an Instagram post that the amount of water should be enough, not more.

“I also have the impression that we need to drink more water to have better skin, immunity, and digestion. But this is not correct.If you drink a lot of water, you may feel bloated, it also suppresses your digestive fire and increases kapha dosha. So, water is important, you need to drink enough water, but not more. Try to listen to your body. You’ll know when your body needs water and when it needs food. With just a little practice, you’ll get pretty good at listening to your body and feeding it accordingly,” she says.

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