Japan’s first* to charge your smartphone with plants!”CHARGING SPOT BOTANIST” where you can experience sustainable next-generation energy “plant power generation” will open for a limited time in Omotesando | Press release from I-ne Co., Ltd.


This event is a plant power generation jointly developed by Nisole Co., Ltd. and Green Display Co., Ltd. as the first step of the “BOTANICAL REPORT” of the “Symbiosis with Plants” initiative initiated by BOTANIST, which showcases plant-related of various things to plants.[*2]Through this system, we will educate about the function of plants.
Event visitors can experience “charging a smartphone” using plants to generate electricity, while explaining the mechanism of plants generating electricity.
In addition, BOTANIST, which borrows the power of plants in beauty areas such as hair care and body care, will showcase its botanical efforts to date in photogenic plant photo spots. Self-portrait and you will receive the BOTANIST shampoo and treatment for your hair.

*, * 1 Japan’s first smartphone charging point using electricity generated by a plant growing environment (in-house research)
*2 A state-of-the-art method of generating electricity, no need for sockets, just insert electrodes into the soil to generate electricity anywhere.

  • Chunting spot Botanists’ Overview

・Period: April 8 (Friday) – April 11 (Monday), 2022
・Time: 11:00~19:00
*Last day, April 11 (Monday) only 11:00-17:00
・Location: ZeroBase Jingumae (6-4-1 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

  • Smartphones that can experience “plant power generation”Chargespace

Japan’s first “plant power generation” as future renewable energy development[*1]You can experience it on your smartphone. Plant power generation is a semi-permanent and stable power generation system that is not affected by time and climate, as long as the plants remain healthy, and only water is discharged during the power generation process. It is a futuristic energy tool that is expected to be used in a variety of ways, such as security lights, emergency power in the event of a power outage or disaster, and agricultural sensors, harnessing the energy of plants and the ecosystems associated with them.

  • “plantforceaboutAn exhibition to deepen understanding

A panel showing the detailed mechanism of plant power generation and BOTANIST products that utilize plant energy. Introducing the unknown “Power of Plants”.

  • with photo boothBotanist Trial Kit for Twitter Posting Benefits

We have a photo booth where you can share your experience at “Charging Point Botanists”. You can take a selfie in the plant space through the mirror. Additionally, souvenirs will be given to those who post “#BOTANIST” and “#Plants are not images but features.” We will offer you a sachet of BOTANIST Botanical Shampoo Treatment based on the diagnosis of “BOTANIST CHECK (https://botanistofficial.com/special/diagnosis/)”, you can choose the perfect one from 5 botanists . . .

With the concept of “symbiosis with plants”, we explore and absorb the power of plant sleep to create the best products.
I want you to know the endless possibilities of plants with amazing powers.
With that in mind, we’re launching Plant Reports as a place to communicate the unknown power of plants.
The first step focuses on cutting-edge sustainable energy “plant power generation”. In the future, we plan to send messages and hold events to spread the various powers of sleeping plants to more people.

BOTANIST = botanist
A plant lifestyle is about incorporating the blessings of plants into your life and lifestyle.
The plant lifestyle brand[BOTANIST]was born with the idea that living with plants, a simpler and more polite life, will bring essential wealth in a modern age full of things and fast-changing. As an environmental initiative, we are promoting the creation of diverse forests through Forest Conservation More Trees.

* Staff and management are thoroughly implementing infection control measures such as masks and disinfection. Disinfection equipment has also been installed in various parts of the venue, so we ask visitors to cooperate with infection control measures.
* Please wear a mask when you arrive at the venue. Body temperature will be measured upon admission and may be refused admission if it reaches 37.5 degrees or higher.
* Please report to the venue staff if you feel unwell or have symptoms that may appear to be novel coronavirus. If we determine that there is any risk of infection, we may ask you to go home.
* If a cluster of novel coronavirus infection is found within 2 weeks after the visit, please inform the organizer and related parties that there are close contacts.
* If a participant discovers an infectious disease after visiting the venue, we may ask you to cooperate in determining the route of infection (provide personal information to relevant local governments, public institutions, medical institutions including health centers, etc.). Note that there is.
*Please note that the organizer and related parties are not responsible for any infectious disease or close contact with an infected person (including any damages related to this) in this event, please give me. Please manage your physical condition carefully and at your own risk.
* In addition to the above matters, for any matters that the organizer or related parties request to take measures, we require the organizer and related parties to respond promptly and meaninglessly based on the judgment that there is a risk of infection.

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