Kai Blankenship is The Star’s Women’s Water Polo Player of the Year


Kay Blankenship had 104 goals, 60 steals, 56 suspensions, 27 assists and 8 blocks in his final season at Agura High.

In assessing Kai Blankenship’s ingrained competitive nature, she likes only one thing over winning.

Yes, that won’t lose.

“I really hate losing,” Agura High School senior said. “Whether it’s water polo or table tennis or something, I just don’t want to lose.”

Blankenship dominated the right side of the scoreboard for four years in Agoura’s highly regarded women’s water polo program.

One of her accomplishments as a Charger mainstay was securing the most dominant winning streak in the region. This season, Agura has completed the league’s 170-game winning streak and 17-game winning streak in the Marmont League with an 8-0 run.

The last time Agula lost the league was on February 3, 2004. Blankenship made sure her team passed the baton to the next wave of Chargers.

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