“Kinoshita Group New Crown Inspection Center Kochi Ryoma Airport Store” opens on March 31, 2022 (Thursday): Jiji Net



We offer airport users, local residents and companies a menu of two types of tests, such as antigenic qualitative tests and PCR tests that show results within 30 minutes.

Kinoshita Group Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Group CEO Naoya Kinoshita), in collaboration with Kochi Ryoma Airport, will be the 116th store visit type in Japan on Thursday, March 31, 2022. Kinoshita Group New Corona Inspection Center Kochi Ryoma Airport Store” will be opened in front of the departure hall on the 2nd floor of Kochi Ryoma Airport (Address: Hisaeda Otsu 58, Nankoku City, Kochi Prefecture). In the same store, there are two types: at 3,200 yen ( Test price (tax included) “PCR test” that collects saliva and antigen qualitative test using nasal swab, test results are displayed in about 30 minutes, and the test price is 1,900 yen (tax included). Seed test is available.
*During the period of the “Comprehensive Examination Project” implemented by Kochi Prefecture, asymptomatic persons who live in Kochi Prefecture and wish to be tested will be free of charge.

The novel coronavirus vaccine is not perfect, and even when it is vaccinated, it can spread and infect others. Currently, vaccine availability is advancing, but it is highly accurate, inexpensive and easy to live a life of safety and peace of mind for those who have not been vaccinated, those who have been vaccinated but are concerned about infection, etc. Can be taken very effectively. The Kinoshita Group believes that the establishment of new corona inspection centers nationwide in cooperation with local governments and public organizations will enable safe and reliable daily life and the revitalization of economic activities as soon as possible.

Equipment overview

[Name]Kinoshita Group New Corona Inspection Center Kochi Ryoma Airport Store
【URL】 https://covid-kensa.com/kochi-ap.html
[位置]In front of the departure hall on the 2nd floor of Kochi Ryoma Airport (Address: Hisaeda Otsu 58, Nankoku City, Kochi Prefecture)
[营业时间]8:00 to 20:00 (holidays: none) * Last reception is at 19:30 * May vary depending on flight conditions.
[运营]Corona Inspection Center Co., Ltd. (100% subsidiary of Kinoshita Group)
[监督]Medical Corporation Wakokai

* Reservation method: In principle, through the dedicated website reservation system (reservations can be made from 5 days before the desired examination date)
* Payment method: You can pay by credit card, electronic money, QR code or transportation IC card at the front desk on the day of inspection. (Cashless payment only, no cash payment)
*If you suspect that you are infected with the test results, please consult your GP or call the Counseling/Counseling Centre to discuss where to consult.
* The items recorded in the inspection result notice issued by this inspection center are only “name”, “inspection date”, “inspection result” and “inspection method”. Check with the airline you plan to use or the immigration counter where you plan to travel to see if you can travel abroad with the items described here.

“Kinoshita Group New Crown Inspection Center” is listed on the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare website<提供自费检查的检查机构名单>. (https://www.mhlw.go.jp/stf/seisakunitsuite/bunya/kenkou_iryou/covid19-jihikensa_00001.html) In addition, Kinoshita Group’s new corona inspection centers operating nationwide will ease restrictions on behavior for Objects of “Vaccine/Test Package System” (https://corona.go.jp/package/), we implement “PCR test” and “antigen qualitative test” free of charge.
*Check menus vary by store, so please check our website before visiting.

Kinoshita Group is expanding cheap and highly reliable inspections

The “Kinoshita Group New Corona Inspection Center” operated by the Kinoshita Group is realized by combining the business knowledge of Kinoshita Construction Co., Ltd., Kinoshita Real Estate, Kinoshita Reconstruction, Kinoshita Antibacterial Service, etc. Medical company Wakokai. The center will be located in Shimbashi and Shinjuku in December 2020, Naha in January 2021, Shibuya, Akihabara and Ikebukuro in February, and Haneda Terminal 1 and Haneda in April Airport Terminal 2, opened at Fukuoka Airport in July. Itami Airport, Sapporo Odori, Sendai City Hall, Yamagata City Deer Castle Park, Akita City Hall, August Omiya Station, September Sannomiya Ikuta Road, Morioka City, Tenjin Watanabe Street, Miyazaki Airport, October Musashi Kosugi, Miyazaki Station, Miyako City, Hachinohe City, Kokura, Ishiro City, Osaki City, Miyako City, Shinoka City, Odate City, Umeda, Kichijoji, Towada City, Sendai Station, Kyoto Shijo, Ishigaki Island, Kagoshima Airport, Kagoshima Kinsei Town, Daisen City, Miyakojima, Goshogawara City, Hamamatsu Town, Kashiwa Station West Exit, Dentetsu Toyama Station, New Chitose Airport, Kumamoto Shimo-dori, Aomori City, Yuri Honjo City, Hakodate Airport, Asahikawa Airport, Nagasaki Airport, Nagasaki Hamamae, Osu Kannon Station, Nagoya Station, Misawa City, Minamisoma City, Kino Cinema Tenjin, Hidaka Town, Nachi Katsuura Town, Nara Sanjo-dori, Joetsu, Goto City, Tomama City January 2022, Kurihara City, Tokushima City, Tanabe City, Amami Airport, Okinawa City, Kumamoto Airport, Oka City, Minato Mirai (Kino Cinema Yokohama Minato Mirai ), Lina City Kanoya, JR Osaka Station Central Ticket Gate, JR Sannomiya Station East Exit, Kita-Senju/Tokyo Electric University, Hashimoto City, Oita Airport, JR Osaka Station Sakurabashi Exit Ticket Gate, Shiogama City, Yamato City Hall , Ise Futami, JR Shin-Osaka Station, Isobe Shima City, Kesennuma City, Arita City, February Nitler Ogawaracho, Noshiro City, Kawachi Station, Takasaki Station, Yokkaichi Nursing and Medical University, Chubu Centrair International Airport, Wakane City, Matsusaka City, Mito Station, Iga City, Kasumi City, Akita Prefecture, Tobu Utsunomiya Station, Gojo City Ueno Park, Sendai Airport, Yonago Airport, Toba City, Saga Airport, Aomori Prefecture Hirakawa City Hall , Hiroshima Airport, Arakawa Sports Center, Act 21 (Arakawa Ward), JR Kyoto Station Central Ticket Gate, Aomori Airport, Kitakata City, Akita Airport, Yamaguchi March at Ube Airport, Ibaraki Airport, Komatsu Airport, Tokushima Airport, Takamatsu Airport , Kochi Ryoma Airport opened.

We perform approximately 80,000 to 100,000 inspections a day, including collection and delivery inspections for every store and conglomerate. The detection methods include saliva PCR detection, nasal swab antigen qualitative detection, swab nasal fluid rapid detection (high-precision quantitative detection of entry quarantine level), new coronavirus and influenza, and the test results can be obtained in about 30 minutes. The rapid PCR test that simultaneously detects the virus (quick and accurate PCR test with a test time of 30 minutes) uses a highly reliable test kit. Kinoshita Group is expanding reliable and affordable testing, such as store visit types for conglomerates and local governments, pickup and delivery PCR tests, and PCR test kits for home use, so that everyone can feel safe and secure in Corona. Contribute to creating a comfortable lifestyle.

Kinoshita Group supports the operation of the “Yomiuri Giants Sports Health Checkup Center” opened by the Yomiuri Giants in Naha, Okinawa, in conjunction with the professional baseball spring training camp to be held in February 2021, with a total of 9 teams and 4 J-League balls Team. We conducted PCR testing of more than 8,000 people including local sports venues, hotel staff and the media. In addition, we are working with ANA Sales to develop travel packages with PCR testing, as well as operational support for the Japan Foundation’s “Regular Free PCR Testing for Elderly Facility Workers” (approximately 5,000 cases per day) Infection status of passengers on flights to Hokkaido/Okinawa prefecture and Hiroshima/Fukuoka/Kagoshima airports such as Haneda Airport for free PCR test and antigen quantitative test” We also cooperate with “Monitoring”, PCR and Saitama prefecture elderly care facility staff’s Testing, infected about 54,000 cases, in cooperation with the 3-ward joint vaccination project carried out by Tokyo Dome. .. Currently, we carry out about 800,000 to 100,000 inspections a day, including receiving and dispatching inspections for each store and enterprise group, and the entire group has carried out a total of more than 10 million inspections to date. ..

■ Company Profile
Company name: Kinoshita Group Co., Ltd.
Established: October 1990
Representative: Naoya Kinoshita (President and Group CEO)
Headquarters: 6-5-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
URL: https://www.kinoshita-group.co.jp/

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