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The Lourdes massage cushion was born in 2009 as “a massager that women want to put in their living room or room”. We offer a variety of design lines so that not only function but also appearance fits the interior.
In the 2022 “Mother’s Day” limited edition, the first collaboration with artist Yuuki Maimi was realized. “Lourdes Massage Cushion Pro” will be colored with fabrics selected by Maomi Yuki from the world’s favorite Liberty patterns.

Mami Yuki
Talents who appear in a wide range of programs, including variety shows, MCs of information programs, and models of women’s magazines.
More recently, he has also started working as a Pilates instructor.
The lifestyle that young women aspire to.

【How to enjoy? 】

  • Maomi Yuki chooses from Liberty patterns that are loved all over the world

​​​Liberty Patterns is a world famous textile from London, England. From the many patterns created by the long history to the new ones created by modern designers, even after more than 140 years, it is still a design that has been lovingly and elegantly preserved.

Maomi Yuki has chosen four Liberty patterns from a wide range of fabrics and says “I want to make it feel better and make me want to use it every day.” The sophisticated design blends perfectly into any interior, from cute to chic, for you adds a touch of glamour to the room.

  • Equipped with 3 modes including slow and fast “Pro Fir®”

It feels good to feel stronger while receiving a professional massage. The reason is that the technique of slowing down rather than continuous movement improves the comfort of the massage. Equipped with “Pro Fir ® Mode” developed with this in mind. We went for a professional massage, switching the speed and slowing down the fir as the fir ball made a full revolution. In addition, it comes with three modes: “Relax Mode”, where you can enjoy a slow massage, and “Standard Mode”, which is fast cooling.

  • “Bound Shiatsu” fir ball, slimmer, more convenient to use, smooth fir hand

In order to improve the fit to the body, the thickness of the main body is about 9 cm, and the ultra-thin design is adopted. This makes it easier to set up on a chair and expands the range of usage scenarios. Comes with a handle for easy portability. In addition, we adopted a fir ball with a spring function to pursue a smooth fir feel like a human hand massage. By swapping the top and bottom of the main body, you can change the “fir position” and “fir feel”, so you can relax the stiffness of the back, buttocks and buttocks. In addition, since it has a built-in heater that can imagine the warmth of a human hand, it is possible to massage while heating.

【Product Story】

This time, Maomi Yuki chose four Liberty patterns to suit various interior scenes. Fabrics that make you feel good just by looking at them are not only a gift for Mother’s Day, but also a reward for a new life or yourself. Enjoy a spring massage in a lineup full of bliss.

Product Name: Lourdes Massage Pad Professional
(Official online shopping site “Atex Direct”, loft limited model)
Part Number: AX-HCL1480A01 (Freedom Red), AX-HCL1480A02 (Freedom Blue), AX-HCL1480A03 (Freedom Gray), AX-HCL1480A04 (Freedom Multi)
Price: 8,800 yen (tax included)
Dimensions/Weight: (Approx.) W360 x D360 x H90mm / Approx. 1.7kg (not including adapter)
Power supply: AC100V 50/60Hz
Timer: about 15 minutes
Procedure: Professional Fir®, Loose, Standard
Accessories: AC adapter, car adapter
Management Medicine Certification Number: 302AABZX00033000
Intended use or effect: Anma, a substitute for massage, for household use.
(Promote blood circulation, restore fatigue, relieve muscle fatigue, relieve stiffness, relieve neuralgia/muscle pain)

【 information】
The massage cushion, which was born 13 years ago, is the beginning of Lourdes. Most of the massagers at that time were large massage chairs and functional massagers. It was launched in 2009 by a women-only planning and development team with the philosophy of “Let’s do what we really want”, overcoming internal opposition. It gained a lot of traction, and within a year of its release, it hit 1 million units, a huge success. Created a new category in the small massager market.

Thanks to you, the cumulative sales of the Lourdes series has exceeded 12 million units, and as a comprehensive healing brand, we have various items that support women’s daily lives in various scenarios. From 2020, the home sports “Lourdes Style” and the simple, stylish and neutral “Monorold” will be added. Prepare your body and mind for a great day. The challenge in Lourdes continues.

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