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The first ★5 emission rate 24% event will be held again this year!

“Monster Strike” (hereinafter referred to as “Monster Strike”) is the official broadcast “Monst News” that transmits various information. Here, we will introduce the information announced on March 31, 2022 and the information released on the official website.

New blast mission “Skelzand”

Screenshot 2022-03-31_16-03-31-285

From 19:00-21:00 on April 8th, the newly added dark attribute blasting mission “Skelzand” will come.

【At the time of first advent】
April 8 19:00-21:00

Skelzand who follows light music

Screenshot 2022-03-31_16-03-21-396

In this mission, a limited-time reward “Treasure 9” will appear. By clicking on the objectives that appear when completing missions, you can earn rewards like combat books and erabel bells.

If you chase all targets or hit weak spots, you can get a good job from “Skelzand” as a reward.

Screenshot 2022-03-31_16-03-40-806

【Challenge Period】

April 8 at 19:00 to June 20 at 3:59

On a related note, the Treasure 9 challenge period for blasting “Nobile” has ended.

Screenshot 2022-03-31_16-04-08-492

Spring Forward Support Activities

Subsequently, it was announced that a “Spring Forward Support Event” would be held.

Screenshot 2022-03-31_16-07-15-831

Monpass Trial Campaign

A “Monpass Trial Event” will be held for non-Monpass subscribers to experience some of the in-game benefits.

Screenshot 2022-03-31_16-07-27-185

April 3rd 4:00 to April 10th 3:59

For a limited time (Monpass members only)

As a Monpass members-only privilege, a limited-time Spring Cherry Blossom frame will appear.

Screenshot 2022-03-31_16-07-38-026

April 2, 4:00 to May 2, 3:59

The gashapon held in April 5 or more emissions reached 24% for the first time

In the Gacha event held in April, the appearance rate of ★5 or more characters in the first solo Gacha and the first 10 consecutive Gacha will reach 24%.

Target Gacha will be announced on the official website at any time.

Screenshot 2022-03-31_16-07-49-084

April 2nd 12:00 to May 2nd 11:59

Each · Keep Gacha

★ The free single-player Gacha “Every Keep Gacha” that can be obtained by confirming 5 or more characters has been announced.

Screenshot 2022-03-31_16-07-59-985

April 3rd 0:00 to April 16th 23:59
【Character acquisition period】
April 17th 0:00 to April 24th 23:59

This Gacha can be drawn once a day during this period. The drawn characters can be kept, and the next time you draw a Gacha, you can choose to keep the reserved characters or the newly created characters.

Screenshot 2022-03-31_16-08-11-237

You can redraw up to 13 times. When you enter the character acquisition period, you can receive the last character you keep.

Screenshot 2022-03-31_16-08-25-219

At the same time, Twitter will also host a retweet event to commemorate the “Every Keep Gacha”.

Screenshot 2022-03-31_16-09-05-360

April 3rd 0:00 to April 12th 23:59

⇒ Click here for the official Twitter of the “Monster Strike” event

The back tower and the appearance of the champion are over

“Conqueror’s Tower” and “Ura’s Tower/Conqueror East” will be held from April 7th.

Screenshot 2022-03-31_16-09-56-862

From April 7th 12:00 to April 25th 11:59

New event “Sengoku Fengyun Painting Scroll -Junohachi-“

From April 2, a new event “Sengoku Sengyun Emaki-Volume Nohachi-” will be held.

In this event gashapon, 3 new gashapon limited characters and 3 advent characters will be launched.

The “First Single Gacha” and “First 10 Consecutive Gacha” of this Gacha are applicable to events with a ★5 or higher discharge rate of 24%.

Screenshot 2022-03-31_16-17-50-424

【During the activity】
April 2nd 12:00 to April 16th 11:59

Gacha limited

Missionary photographer Luis Frois

Screenshot 2022-03-31_16-11-40-677

Attribute: Water
Strike Type: Penetration
Abilities: Super Anti-Gravity Barrier/Anti-Damage Wall/Non-Attribute Resistance + Anti-Magic Team/Abnormal Status Strength L
Friendship Combination: Super SS Shortened Bullet + Offensive and Defense Up (Strength Type)
SS: Increases speed and strength and sets a wall of acceleration on all enemies it touches (16 + 8 turns)
Rack Skills: The Key

Sengoku Ji Daiichi (Beast Deification) who supported Nagamasa and devoted himself to love

Screenshot 2022-03-31_16-13-46-680

property: wood
Strike Type: Penetration
Abilities: Minesweeper M / Super Laser Stop + Anti-Damage Wall / SS Turn Shortening
Friendly combination: super random bomb + random recovery bomb (bombing type)
SS: Increases speed and strength and absorbs the attack of touched enemies (12+12 turns)
Rack Skills: A Guide

Asai Nagamasa, the military commander who challenged Nobunaga’s man (Beast Deification)

Screenshot 2022-03-31_16-15-50-277

attribute: dark
Hit Type: Reflect
Abilities: Anti-Gravity Barrier/Anti-Magic Team/Speed ​​Mode+Super Anti-Slow Wall/Wall SS Turn Shortening
Friendship combination: 3-way follow-up armor-piercing projectile + force field (balanced)
SS: Appear from the opposite side through the wall and lead your friend to shoot at the enemy (12+12 rounds)
Rack Skills: The Key

During this event, a set of new character confirmed gashapons and orbs will be sold.

Screenshot 2022-03-31_16-17-59-835

April 2nd 12:00 to April 16th 11:59

extreme extreme

Ruthless Mino’s Mizuki Saito Michizo (Evolution)
Manipulating the power of evil curse, General Saito Dozan (deified)

Screenshot 2022-03-31_16-18-11-395

usually comes

Shogun Ashikaga Yoshiaki (Evolution)
Confused Youkai Illusionist Flower God Kyoto (Evolution)

Screenshot 2022-03-31_16-18-56-113

Heine (new EX quest)

From this event, a new EX character “Heine” with dark attributes will appear. The “Heine” quest will rarely appear when you complete the new campaign quest.

Screenshot 2022-03-31_16-20-48-997

Collect and rack music events

During the event, when the total number of shelves obtained by the target descending character reaches 99, the “Collect Shelf Music Event” will be held, in which the reward of the target task will be doubled.

Screenshot 2022-03-31_16-20-36-238

Deification of Beasts and Change of Information

Atos’ beast deification/kai announced. In addition to being able to deal with magic circles, it also gains wood resistance and super laser stop. Compared to the past, the defense has been improved. Also, the SS can be used with a minimum of 8 turns, making it easy to use even in the current environment.

Athos, the Awakened Three Musketeers, has the ultimate flame

Screenshot 2022-03-31_16-21-12-657

Attribute: Fire
Hit Type: Reflect
Abilities: Super Anti-Twist / Anti-Magic Team / Tree Attribute Resistance / Super Laser Stop
Linking Skills: Anti-Wounding Wall/Weak Point Killer M (2 or more characters with different fighting types from yourself, or 1 or more water attribute characters)
Friendship Combo: Charge Shooter + Friend Spiup (Super Balanced)
SS: Speed ​​and strength increases and fires lasers each time it touches an enemy (8+8 turns)
Shelf Skill: Shield

April 5th 12:00

other news

In addition, the program also released the latest product information.


lucky monster next week

At the end of the show, next week’s lucky monsters are announced. If you have a character that can target luck, you can collect it during the target.


【Lucky monster next week】
Target period: April 4, 4:00 to April 11, 3:59

Highland Skeleton Dragon
Phnom Penh wooden door
Memorial Mori
Maximum drilling
Yokozuna National Treasure

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⇒ Monster Strike OfficialYouTubechannel

i want to read together

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⇒ Shuri’s beast deification has been decided! Featuring the new friendship “Penetrating Fan Spread Bullet 10”!
⇒ Guan Yu’s apotheosis has been decided! Warp support is also possible, and direct hits are enhanced for important killers!
⇒ New 21st to 25th prisons appear in Forbidden Prisons!

⇒ Evaluation of Sherlock Holmes (Beast Deification) and proper quest consideration / Super MSL × Continuous Attack Killer EL direct hit, return to be the strongest!
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⇒ The spirit and number of days to fully release the “Soul Emblem” of the second body

latest events

The second collaboration of “Kimetsu no Yaiba”

Demon Blade Cooperation Second Banner

【Event Summary】

From March 15th 12:00 to April 2nd 11:59

▼ Gacha Limited (★6, 2)
Purgatory Kyojuro

Purgatory Kyojuro

Kamado Nezuko

Kamado Nezuko

Umeda Tengen

Umeda Tengen

▼ Gacha Limited (★6, 1st)
Kamado Tanjiro 1

Kamado Tanjiro

Tomioka Yoshisuke

Tomioka Yoshisuke

Kocho Ninja

Kocho Ninja

▼ Gacha Limited (★5, 2nd)
Wild wild mushrooms

Cinnamon & Wild Wild

chestnut flower drop gold tail

chestnut flower drop gold tail

▼ Gacha Limited (★5, 1st)
Zenitsu Azuma (Evolution)

Zenitsu’s wife

Mouth Flat Inosuke (Evolution)


▼ Co-op Starter Pack Limited (★6)
Zenitsu Yinosuke

Zenitsu & Inosuke

▼Arrival (★5-6)
Husband Taro

Husband Taro
▼ Mission Capture
▼ Recommended Luck

Fallen Princess 1

fallen princess
▼ Mission Capture
▼ Recommended Luck


dream (permanent)
▼ Mission Capture
▼ Recommended Luck

▼ Super Ultimate Mission
Yi Wo Block

Yi Wo Block
▼ Mission Capture
▼ Recommended Luck

divergent evolution

Husband Taro and the Fallen Princess
▼ Mission Capture
▼ Recommended Luck

Oni dance Tsuji is miserable

Oni dance Tsuji is miserable
▼ Mission Capture

▼ Coin Mission
chestnut flower drop gold tail

Demon Slayer Coin (Permanent)
▼ Mission Capture

▼ Event Missions (★4-5)
spider demon

Spider Demon/Brother

Devil in the temple

Devil in the temple

▼ Memory Library Reprint Mission (★5-6)
Yapaha & Shusamaru

Yapaha & Shusamaru
▼ Mission Capture
▼ Recommended Luck


Ring Kai
▼ Mission Capture
▼ Recommended Luck


▼ Mission Capture
▼ Recommended Luck

▼ Memory Library Reprint Mission (★4-5)
Swamp Demon

Swamp Demon

hand ghost

hand ghost

▼ Coin exchange / Yukaku penetration reward (★6)

▼ Recommended Luck

Zhu Shi

Jusei & Yushiro
▼ Recommended Luck

Junko & Ryoko & Inoko

Junko & Ryoko & Inoko
▼ Recommended Luck

Monster Strike Beginner Latest Pictures

▲ Summary of useful information for beginners and intermediates▲

Strategy and Evaluation of Difficult Tasks

I am doing a capture video.


■ Twitter by Tarzan Babaen ■ Sakurai Torra’s Twitter ■ Gongbao’s Twitter

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