Multi-Environmental Sensor Family New Product Corrosion Detection Sensor Sold Separately – Long-Term Detection at Low Cost Using Our Original Optical Detection Technology – | Press Release


Corrosion detection sensor, a new product in the multi-environment sensor series, is sold separately-Our original optical detection technology enables long-term detection at low cost-

Nissin Electric Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Ukyo-ku, Kyoto City, President: Yoshihiro Matsushita) A product lineup model that “visualizes” the risk of failure due to corrosive gases (hydrogen sulfide) in the installation environment of electrical equipment as a comprehensive environmental sensor series. To this end, we will be selling corrosion detection sensors separately from March 2022.

The Group is formulating six growth strategies in its medium and long-term plan “VISION 2025”. This is one of the business activities that contributes to “Applying DX to Products and Business”.

Recently, as a countermeasure against future electrical safety personnel shortages, efforts are being made to utilize sensing data to optimize equipment maintenance and achieve labor savings.

We are gradually expanding the lineup of “composite environmental sensors” that visualize the installation environment of electrical equipment such as power receiving and substation equipment. From April 2021, the “Composite Environmental Sensor (Corrosion/Communication) MES-42/43”, which detects the risk of failure caused by corrosive gases, has been installed in our water treatment electrical equipment, and the corrosion risk is based on field data. Due to accumulated judgmental knowledge, we decided to sell it as a single sensor.

This product adopts our original optical detection technology (patent pending), and can perform long-term detection at a relatively low cost of about 150,000 yen including the sensor body and sensor head. When sold separately, the corrosion risk judgment function is subdivided from level 2 to level 4 based on on-site data, and the accuracy is also improved. The complex environmental sensor series is characterized by remote monitoring through wired or wireless general gateways, and comprehensive management and monitoring of various sensor data in combination with the lineup. This time, data linkage related to corrosion can also be realized. This enhances the ease of utilizing sensory data in equipment maintenance.

In 2021, we also added a newer product “Composite Environmental Sensor (Universal) MES-52/53”, which improved the humidity and temperature measurement performance of conventional products, and added two products. Our goal is to achieve sales of 100 million yen by 2022 for the environmental sensor series.

In addition to expanding sensor capabilities, we will continue to contribute to the efficiency of equipment maintenance utilizing IoT and provide customers with greater safety and security.

1. 1. Composite Environmental Sensor (Corrosion/Communication) MES-42/43
This product consists of a sensor body, a light source/reflector, and a sensor head consisting of a light sensor. The reflector is made of silver, which has the characteristics of being corroded and discolored by hydrogen sulfide contained in the corrosive gas, and the risk of corrosion is detected by sensing the change in the reflectivity of the light source caused by the discoloration with a light sensor.
For electrical equipment installed in environments that may generate hydrogen sulfide, take measures to reduce the concentration of hydrogen sulfide to prevent malfunctions due to corrosion of printed circuit boards used in built-in equipment such as sequencers. Using this product, it is possible to diagnose the effectiveness and continuity of countermeasures, and determine the replacement time of life components (filters, etc.) used in the reduction gear unit, thereby preventing deterioration and failure due to corrosion. It also optimizes replacement time for long-life components.
Composite Environmental Sensors (Corrosion/Communications)
Composite Environmental Sensor
2. Composite Environmental Sensor (Universal) MES-52/53
The temperature/humidity sensor uses a high-performance digital sensor, which improves the measurement range and accuracy compared to the conventional products MES-12/13. In addition, the structure allows for easy replacement of the sensor board only, so that the board can be replaced when performance degrades.
In equipment built into electrical equipment, temperature (high/low temperature) can cause failure and shortened life, and high humidity can cause deterioration of insulation and rust. Accurately measure the installation environment, and take appropriate measures and maintenance based on the data to achieve safe operation of electrical equipment.
Composite Environmental Sensor (General Purpose)
Composite Environmental Sensor (General Purpose)

<系列通用功能> Remote monitoring configuration diagram

■ Outline of Specifications

Composite Environmental Sensor (Corrosion/Communication) MES-42/43 Composite Environmental Sensor
(Universal) MES-52/53
sensor body sensor head
(excluding protrusions)
quality Below 250g Below 200g Below 250g
control power AC80-264V (47-63Hz) or DC80-143V
Measurement items hydrogen sulfide concentration estimation /
Risk of equipment failure (level 4 display)/humidity
temperature humidity/
Insulation resistance/vibration
data record
(internal memory)
Up to 40,000 points
(1 time/1 hour record for 4 years)
Up to 32,000 points
(same as left 3.5 years)
way of communication Wired type: RS-485 / Wireless type: 920MHz frequency band multi-hop
Guaranteed Performance Temperature Range 0~50℃

Through our business activities, the Group is strengthening its efforts towards the Sustainable Development Goals. This is an activity related to the achievement of the following of the 17 goals of the SDGs.

9. Build a foundation for industrial and technological innovation

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