NEC, seminar “IT Infrastructure Fair NEC Digital Exhibition 2022” on-demand miss delivery until March 31, 2022 (Thursday)


Reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, DX promotion! What should I start with…
For those looking to improve efficiency by updating their IT infrastructure, why not tackle the immediate problem together?
We have a plethora of workshops and online exhibits to answer your challenges, from basic workshops for those who don’t know where to start to tips for leading to a DX transformation.

Dates: On-demand missed deliveries by Thursday, March 31, 2022
Where: Webinar
Organizer: NEC
Participation fee: free
Target audience: Those who are concerned about operational management efficiency, business continuity, crisis response
・ I want to visualize the status of IT/IoT devices and manage them remotely.
・I want to automate and simplify complex administrative work by introducing tools.
・I want to increase the processing speed of the system and shorten the business hours.
・I want to strengthen BCP against system failures and cyber attacks

Improve operations with “Reduce Alerts” and “Automation of Phone Reports”! “

In operations using monitoring tools, there are situations where a flood of alert emails arrive that takes time to acknowledge, or email reports go unnoticed, resulting in delayed responses.
We’ll describe how to solve the “specific problem” of such a report operation, including actual statistics and examples.
■ Speaker
Mio Nonaka, Head of NEC Cloud Platform Division

Automate incident management without coding!
Introduce a solution that automates complex tasks related to system failure response, such as event drafting and phone notification to maintenance personnel after receiving alerts from monitoring tools.
Check it out if you’re interested in, or want to work on, Operational Improvement or Operational Automation.

■ Speaker
Anri Tangjin, Head of NEC Cloud Platform Division

Due to the rapid growth of data, it is tight!Troubleshoot file server issues
With the introduction of telecommuting, will file digitization squeeze file server capacity? Leaving files that are no longer used not only puts pressure on the disk capacity of the server, but also leads to various problems such as increased administrative man-hours and increased risk of personal information leakage. In this session, we will describe how to address these issues and problems.

■ Speaker
Narumi Hama, NEC AI Platform Division

What new value has the edge cloud cooperation realized?
MEC (Multi-Access Edge Computing) is attracting attention as the next-generation edge computing.
Launched the “NEC Express5800 for MEC”, which supports the development of video AI, etc. through edge-cloud collaboration pursuing real-time performance and security/quality of service.

■ Speaker
Yuki Shida, NEC New Business and Business Infrastructure Development Headquarters

How to Manage Servers and IoT Devices During Remote Work
With the spread of telecommuting, there is an increasing demand for remote management of IT equipment such as edge servers and IoT devices. Introduced “CONNEXIVE Edge Device Management” to collect and centrally manage information on distributed devices, and achieve management efficiency and cost reduction through remote maintenance.

■ Speaker
Yukio Tanioka, Head of NEC Cloud Platform Headquarters

What is next-generation storage to support digital transformation?
As the number of companies introducing telecommuting and AI/IoT in the digital transformation increases, the IT infrastructure will require higher processing performance. In this session, we will focus on storage and explain various issues in the high-speed IT platforms and solutions proposed by NEC.

■ Speaker
Tadashi Hanagata, Specialist, Platform Solutions Division, NEC

VDI Alternative – Looking Back at 15 Years of Virtual PC Thin Clients!
Virtual PC thin clients (VDI) have been on the market for 15 years. As an on-site SE who has always been with VDI, this special session is a content that attracts others from an alternative perspective. Join us if you want to learn about the current position and future of VDI.

■ Speaker
Liu Bocheng, Director of Platform Solutions

Introducing NEC’s HCI Problem Solving Through Practical Case Studies
Describe use cases for customers who have introduced hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). We will explain the reasons for choosing NEC HCI and the effects of its introduction by industry/issue. (Introducing the case of Dajin Red Cross Hospital, which uses human-computer interaction as an integrated public platform to achieve simple operation and reduce costs)

■ Speaker
Hiroto Fujinuma, NEC Platform Solutions Specialist

Protect your important data in the cloud!Simple disaster recovery measures
DR countermeasures (disaster countermeasures) are essential to protect important data, but we often hear cases where solution selection is not made due to extensive consideration, and even if they have been introduced, they are not fully functional. In this session, we will introduce NEC’s solution to provide necessary DR countermeasures as a one-stop shop.

■ Speaker
NEC Platform Solutions Division Suda Tsumugi

Prevent ransomware damage with ‘air gaps’
The damage caused by ransomware attacks that demand a ransom to encrypt and decrypt data without permission and threaten to disclose stolen data and demand double the ransom is rapidly increasing. In this session, we’ll cover examples of data protection and configuration utilizing “air gaps” as an effective ransomware countermeasure.

■ Speaker

NEC Cloud Platform Division Technology Development Business Promotion Eshima Nobuya

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