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Until March 31, 2022, NEC will be offering an on-demand webinar “DX Trend Day – The Road to Business Transformation as AWS and NEC Talk -” for those who have questions from all angles of DX. ..

What is the way to realize future value with DX?
Today, DX is rapidly becoming more and more important as many industries and domains experience disruptions in rapid succession. What path is needed to quickly and smoothly realize “creating new value” through DX? At this event, experts from various fields of AWS and NEC will talk about DX in various fields.

Activity Summary

Dates: On-demand missed deliveries by Thursday, March 31, 2022
Location: online
Organizer: NEC (Partner: Amazon Web Services Japan GK)
Participation fee: free
Audience: People with problems from all angles of DX
・Those who are interested in DX
・Those who are considering migrating to the cloud
・Those who are considering the use of biometrics and facial recognition in offices and buildings
・ DX department, people who work in analysis
・Companies considering solutions and business development utilizing 5G/local 5G
・ The person in charge of business planning and store management of a company that conducts both online and offline retail business


DX Agenda – What are the requirements to achieve DX? ~
What does it take to implement DX? Key figures from AWS and NEC at the forefront of DX will discuss their efforts and the latest cases from customers.

■ Speaker
Amazon Web Services Japan GK
Muneyuki Watanabe, Executive Director, General Manager, Partner Alliance Management Headquarters
Toshifumi Yoshizaki, General Manager and Executive Officer, Digital Business Platform Division, NEC
Yuka Tanimoto, Editor-in-Chief, Forbes Japan Network Editorial Department

What is IT Optimization for DX?
Simply moving systems to the cloud is not enough to achieve DX. With the shift to the cloud, it is necessary to review processes, organizations and human resources, and establish new ways of working. In this workshop, we’ll cover how to do IT optimization/migration for DX, including NEC’s own example of migrating SAP to an AWS environment.

■ Speaker
Takayuki Furudono, Manager, SI Division, NEC Services and Platforms
Hiroaki Matsushima, Senior Manager, Enterprise Systems Division, NEC

New Office Digitization by NEC I: Delight
The corona disaster has accelerated office digitization. We will introduce services such as entrance and payment using facial recognition, as well as new office forms and working methods that will be realized, and show examples at the NEC headquarters building.

■ Speaker
Michitaka Yamada, Manager, Digital Platform Division, NEC

Data-driven DX that leverages common sense by changing data through AI
Innovate your business by gaining new awareness from massive amounts of data – Introducing NEC’s “Data-Driven DX” initiative and implementation steps, as well as an example using dotData, which is being developed with the support of AWS.

■ Speaker
Yuya Ito, Senior Sales Director, Data-Driven DX Division, NEC

Local 5G and NEC accelerate DX efforts
Local 5G has attracted much attention as a key technology to achieve DX. Introduce NEC’s efforts in social implementation, such as co-creation cases with customers and partners, and co-creation environments leveraging the AWS cloud edge.

■ Speaker
Hirosuke Fujimura, Head of NEC’s New Business Promotion Headquarters

What is retail in the DX era?Enhance customer experience with OMO
As consumer buying behavior changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the retail industry will also need to reform. Introducing NEC’s vision for the DX era retail industry, and an example of the next-generation POS application “NeoSarf / POS” using various checkouts that realize the reform.

■ Speaker
Shodai Yamamoto, Manager of NEC Smart Retail Headquarters

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