[New Plastic Law Begins]Why did the wooden house company mass-produce wooden straws for the first time in the world Fuji TV commentator Makoto Suzuki


[New Plastics Law Starts]Why did the wooden house company mass-produce wooden straws for the first time in the world

Fuji TV commentator Makoto Suzuki

Suzuki model

Suzuki model


The “New Plastics Law

” came into effect on April 1. Japan has also introduced a nationwide charge for plastic shopping bags in 2020, amid growing global interest in the issue of ocean plastic litter. More recently, the food and beverage industry is ramping up efforts to eliminate plastic straws and introduce paper and wood straws.

Before that, in 2018, we interviewed Aqura Home, which successfully mass-produced wooden straws for the first time in the world.

Law on promoting recycling of plastic resources

When I heard it was a wooden straw, I thought, “What?”
In 1978, Aqura Home Co., Ltd. was established. Why did custom log house company Aqura Home decide to use wood for straws? President Toshiya Miyazawa, also known as “President Kamuna”, a carpenter of Aqura Home, said:

Toshiya Miyazawa, the president of Aqura Home, is also called “President God” by the carpenter.

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“We’ve been advocating for social and environmental contributions for over a decade, and we donate thinned wood to elementary schools as desks. When we first heard about plans for wooden straws, we said, ‘What? However, the issue of ocean plastics has become a hot topic, and it is not known if the upper mountains and villages can do something about it. However, when it comes to making straws out of wood, 5,000 yen a piece was 10,000 yen at the time. I thought it would be hard to spread. “

Originally, it cost 10,000 yen to make a wooden straw.

As a log house company, wooden straws may be good

The project was proposed by Ayano Nishiguchi, a publicist who was working at the company for the seventh year at the time. Mr. Nishiguchi talked about that time.
“I’ve been taking on all kinds of challenges before, so I thought maybe if I made a recommendation to the president, I might understand. It was in front of Corona, so there were morning meetings every day, and everyone was singing the company’s motto. One of them. One is ‘solving environmental problems through housing construction’, so I suggest that in the future Wood Straw will be a good company to deal with wooden houses.”

Ayano Nishiguchi, who came up with wooden straws, joined the company as a publicist for the seventh year in a row.

Another concern of President Miyazawa is whether there is something that affects the human body.

“Wooden straws were unprecedented. I told her, ‘If something goes wrong, the company goes out of business.’ But we kept telling her to contribute to society and the environment. When building wooden houses. As craftsmen, we reduced as much as possible More hardware. And as a company, we employ diverse human resources, management that aims to develop people and inspire potential. I decided to try to develop.”

Organizing difficulties faced by wooden straws

This is where his proposed struggle for Mr. Nishiguchi begins. He originally studied environmental systems engineering at university, but after spending all his time cheerleading, he said, even after joining Aqura Home, “I was just thinking about selling my house.”

“Initially, an environmental reporter asked me if I could make a wooden straw, and I started to want to do my part for the people who take care of me. By making wooden straws, I faced difficulties in organizing because I was told that I just needed Doing PR within the company.”
However, after hard work, wooden straws were successfully produced and put into practical use in hotels in Tokyo. After being reported by the media and adopted at the G20 Osaka Summit, the wooden straw has become a symbol of environmental protection contribution. From 2021, Aqura Home will set up an SDGs promotion office internally and appoint Mr. Nishiguchi as the director.

Tokyu Capitol Hotel Tokyo introduces wooden straws

All kinds of stories in a straw

“I’m really an amateur on environmental issues. Before I studied straws, I didn’t even know the word SDGs, but now I think it’s really important to think about sustainability in everything. I’ve learned a lot from straws stuff, so I want to promote the event in schools and companies in the future. I think the environmental theme is something that can be done with any school or company. And that effort has already started.”

(Mr. Nishiguchi)

The new plastic law starts on April 1st. As environmental awareness increases, Mr. Nishiguchi expressed his expectations.
“The new plastic law includes straws. A wooden straw is just a straw, but using thinned wood on the back helps forests and helps tackle plastic waste. All kinds of stories about job creation and job creation. I think, let Everyone has the opportunity to think about all kinds of social problems from a straw, not just a straw that consumes it, which is a shortcut for everyone to solve environmental problems.”

This year’s Dubai Expo also used wooden straws

In the future, plastic products will be replaced by environmentally friendly materials, and usage is expected to decrease due to charges. The number of people holding my spoon and fork may increase. Straws made of wood and paper are just around the corner.[Written by: Fuji TV commentator Makoto Suzuki]

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