NFL star JuJu Smith-Schuster’s water cup is now the best sport of 2022


Juju Smith-Schuster pours water into a plastic cup.

screenshot: Thefbhouse / Kotaku

Here’s how a person ends up being thrown into a swimming pool in front of millions of viewers. Professional NFL player JuJu Smith-Schuster takes part in the “Water Cup Challenge” on Friday on TikTok. This is the most nerve-wracking two minutes Die Die Le I have endured. No matter how full the cup is, there is no way to tell who will be the loser.

TikTok challenges are usually notorious endanger participants.smith schuster been criticized by the public Last August, he tried out the “Milk Crate Challenge,” a game in which players navigate a milk crate tower without falling. The water glass challenge is far less risky. Players take turns pouring a drop of water into a filled plastic cup. Whoever spilled the cup was thrown into the pool.

The water glass challenge has been around since then at least 2021, though none are as famous as what NFL football players do. Some losers had to jump into the pool, while others were just sprayed with garden hoses.Twitter commenters have started calling the challenge “water Die Die Le‘ in the quote-forward.

Despite the mechanical similarities, the water glass challenge is not actually​​​ Die Die Le As some netizens said. It’s even worse.when you play Die Die Le, usually with tremors that herald the collapse of the entire tower. This is not the case with the water glass challenge, where spillage is entirely dependent on the surface tension of the water.

For those who slept high school physics (me), Surface Tension is when the water molecules pack more tightly together on the sides without any other H2O. As a result, every drop of water added to the cup ends up firmly attached to the body. That means no one knows who will lose the challenge until it’s too late. For a better viewing experience, don’t look at how much time is left in the video.

One ended up losing the water glass challenge.I know what the stakes are, but I don’t know Actually Thought he would be thrown into the pool. It’s just a joke, right? no. To his credit, he seemed cooperative when his friend brought him to the water’s edge. Maybe next time, he’ll get the sweet satisfaction of pushing someone in.

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