PS5, Xbox Series X | S version of “Chicken Police” on sale today


THQ Nordic Japan Releases Wednesday, March 30th, PS5, Xbox Series X | S Edition“Chicken police – paint it red! 』(hereinafter referred to as Chicken Police) has been released.

This work is the city that never sleeps where the beast lives“Clauville”It’s a work that combines elements of an adventure game and a visual novel setting.once legendary detective duo“Chicken Police”made a name for himself2 chickensdepicts a grim story about a strange event.

all occurrences of charactersOnly the head is a real animal, the body is a manIt has a unique visual effect. Including the protagonist Shuang Ji, the beautiful heroine is a cat, her lover is a mouse and a gangster.

Spooky and eye-catching, the game cleverly uses real photos and realistic 3D backgroundsunique art styleDoing makeup.Elements such as monochrome screens, mysterious female characters“sleep tight”etc.Inspired by film noirIt looks like one thing.

Other sources of inspiration“Black Los Angeles”or“Policemen”games, etc.“Red Pig”Animation works are also listed.

In addition, in this release of the PS5 version“Double sense”Controller-based haptic technology“Adaptive Trigger”Its corresponding function such as. This will bring over 30 unique effects that further enhance the game’s presence.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X | S versions of Chicken Police are available now. Players who already own the PS4 and Xbox One versions will be migrated to the latest generation version of each.Upgrade at no extra costYes. See also the following releases for more details.

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The full text of the press release is below.

Tough Guy Orcs is now available on next-gen consoles! “Chicken Police – Painted Red!” PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X | S Released

THQ Nordic Japan Co., Ltd. will be published on “Chicken Police – Paint It Red!” on PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X|S on Wednesday, March 30, 2022.

If you already own the PS4 version or Xbox One version, you can upgrade to the PS5 version and Xbox Series X|S version for free.


・Xbox Series X|S

◆ “Chicken Police – Painted Red! 》PS5 version introduction trailer released

Experience new gameplay recreated using the “Haptic Technology” of the PlayStation®5 DualSense controller. Added more than 30 unique effects such as “Adaptive Trigger” and “Precise Vibration”, allowing you to enjoy an immersive gaming experience.

Enjoy the evolved Chicken Cop with the latest trailer below.

■ “Chicken Police – Paint It Red!” Overview

A wild tale of love, death, chickens and redemption!

An incident occurs in the city where the beasts live. The two chickens, once known as the famous combined detective “chicken police”, finally went to the dark city through the investigation of the case.

◆ Resurrection name group detectives challenge mysterious cases

The two chickens who were once famous for their famous team of detectives “Chicken Police”. But now there is no shadow in sight. At one point, a strange event occurs and the two will form a duo again.

◆ The stage is “Clauville”, a city that never sleeps

The game is played with points and clicks. Travel around Crawwell City to gather information, interview people involved, and solve puzzle mini-games as you continue your investigation. Eventually, Detective Chick approaches the darkness hidden in Cloverville.

◆ The world of tough guys unfolded by orcs

The detective is a chicken, the dangerously beautiful heroine is a cat, her lover is a mouse(!) and a mob boss. Many unique Beastmen appeared and developed the play. Enjoy the humorous dialogue in Beastman’s fashion, the world of tough guy movies.

◆ Stunning visual effects!

An orc with an animal head and a human body will appear. The story is hardcore. At first I was baffled by such a mysterious world, but I was gradually drawn to that world where chicks look cool so it’s weird. No doubt you’ll feel as though you’re watching a black-and-white detective/crime movie from the past? !


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■ Nintendo Switch™ and Steam are also being delivered.

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