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Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) will significantly update its subscription service “PlayStation Plus” (PS Plus) from June 2022. After the update, PS Plus will integrate the service content currently provided through the cloud gaming service “PlayStation Now” (PS Now) into “PS Plus”, making a three-phase plan to provide a wide variety of high-quality products. We will continue to provide content.

PlayStation Plus Essential
・You can enjoy the following contents of the same service contents as the existing PS Plus.
・Free games (2 games can be downloaded for free every month)
・ Participant-limited seduction
・Save data storage (cloud storage)
・Online multiplayer

<“PlayStation Plus Essential”价格>

The price of “PlayStation Plus Essential”*1 has not changed from the current price of PS Plus.

PlayStation Plus Extra
・All services included in “PS Plus Essential” can be used.
・Hundreds of *1 PlayStation 4 (PS4) and PlayStation 5 (PS5) games to download and enjoy. The lineup also includes hits from PlayStation Studios and software makers.

<“PlayStation Plus Extra”价格>

PlayStation Plus Premium
– All services included in “PS Plus Essential” and “PS Plus Extra” can be used.
・ You can enjoy up to 240 titles * 1, including the following.
・ PlayStation3 games (playable via cloud streaming)
– Classic games from the original PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and PSP “PlayStation Portable” (playable via cloud streaming and download)
– In countries and regions where the PS Now service is currently being developed*2, you can stream the original PlayStation, PS2, PSP and PS4 games included in the “PS Plus Extra” and “PS ​​Plus Premium” services via cloud streaming. The cloud streaming service is available on PS4, PS5 and PC.
* In Japan, cloud streaming services on PC will be supported in a future update.
・You can use the game trial (play time is limited), which allows you to try the game before purchasing.

<“PlayStation Plus Premium”价格>

■ PlayStation Plus Deluxe (select regions)
In countries and regions where cloud streaming is not available, we will offer “PlayStation Plus Deluxe” which is cheaper than “PlayStation Plus Premium”. With PS Plus Deluxe, you have access to all the services included in PS Plus Essential and PS Plus Extra, game trials (with limited play time), and some of the original PlayStation, PS2 and PSP. You can download and enjoy the classic games in it.

Since the launch of the PS Plus service in 2010, SIE has been at the forefront of innovation as a pioneer in gaming subscription services. PS Plus is the first subscription service for consoles to add new games every month, while PS Now is the first cloud gaming service for consoles.

The newly prepared “PS Plus Extra” and “PS Plus Premium” symbolize the great evolution of PS Plus. These plans are particularly focused on delivering high-quality content exclusive to PlayStation, and alongside service updates, we plan to provide services such as “Death Stranding,” “God of War,” “Marvel’s Spider-Man,” “Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles,” Morales” and “Return”. Working closely with PlayStation Studios developers and software makers, the library is regularly updated even after updates. Details of the game lineup will be announced at a later date.

After the PS Plus service is updated, the existing PS Now service will be integrated into PS Plus and its offering as a sole subscription service will cease. Current PS Now subscribers will be automatically migrated to “PlayStation Plus Premium” during the migration process at no additional cost.

The renewal is scheduled to take place in June 2022 and will be available in multiple regions in Asia, including Japan, before expanding to North America, Europe, and regions where PS Plus service is currently available. In the first half of 2022, we aim to offer the new PS Plus service in virtually all regions where PlayStation Network is currently available, and we also plan to expand the coverage of our cloud streaming service. Details will be announced later.

SIE will evolve PlayStation’s network services to meet the needs of users, continue to provide attractive subscription services unique to PlayStation, and promote further popularization and expansion of PlayStation platform services.

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