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YouTube announced today that it will stream free, ad-supported TV shows for the first time — a move that will more directly compete with the growing number of free streaming services.

As the use of aircraft such as drones, electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles takes off, Japanese startup Terra Drone wants to ensure that air deals don’t&#

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Dan Ammann, a New Zealander who has been CEO of self-driving car company Cruise since 2019, has moved to ExxonMobil, where he will lead a new business focused on commercializing low speeds

Quantum technology may finally have its moment.Consider that earlier this month, one of the world’s few “pure” quantum tech companies, Rigetti Computing, went public through a merger

We are now in an era of “value-added venture capital” where investors need to show founders that they will do more than write checks for them.

Popular blockchain naming system provider Unstoppable Domains is raising a funding round at a valuation of $1 billion, three people familiar with the matter told TechCrunch.start me

If you want to make GIFs from your iOS camera while using the Twitter app, today is your lucky day. Twitter is now announcing that we can do just that. When you compose a new tweet on iOS, c

Yuga Labs, maker of the multi-million dollar monkey JPEG that many NFT skeptics love to hate, just raised $450 million in funding from Andreessen Horowitz at a $4 billion valuation.

U.S. securities regulators said Tuesday they have the power to subpoena Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk over his tweets, urging a federal judge not to let the executive go unpunished for giving up on tweets.

Kickstarter CEO Aziz Hasan announced today in a blog post titled “Moving Forward With Gratitude” that he is stepping down as the leader of the crowdfunding platform.Later

Before announcing her departure last December, Katie Haun, who co-led Andreessen Horowitz’s crypto unit, was preparing to unveil her new organization, which she called Haun Ve

Navin Chaddha, managing partner at Mayfield, said it was a game-changer for early-stage valuations once investors started cutting value from surging stocks.

Formalizing an earlier push led by Twitter in an attempt to influence rapidly emerging European digital regulations, the social media company has used its Twitter Spaces platform to host the office

From its humble beginnings in the 19th century, the stethoscope has come a long way.The regular acoustic type is still used every day, but it has been joined by a range of digital options that can

Twitch is updating its appeals and reporting process to complete the product update the company promised late last year.The biggest change is the introduction of a new portal where users can

Despite the rapid growth and myriad benefits of SaaS, significant challenges remain in managing and securing SaaS data.

Smartphone cameras are pretty good already, but it’s getting harder to improve them as we’ve almost reached the limit of what’s possible in cubic c space

Firefly Aerospace’s roller coaster ride could soon take the rocket startup to the public market through a merger with a special-purpose acquisition company, according to a recent FCC filing.Egypt

Nvidia has unveiled a new mapping platform that will provide the self-driving car industry with ground truth maps covering more than 300,000 miles of roads in North America, Europe and Asia 20 years ago.

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