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Lahore-based co-working space startup Colabs will launch SaaS offering to enable businesses to meet back-office needs including company registration, talent sourcing and management, payroll

TechCrunch has learned and confirmed that Glance acquired India’s Gambit as the Google-backed company looks to enhance its mobile gaming offering and roll out NFTs to its Gen Z users.Piyush

A pair of former TikTok content moderators are suing the company, alleging it failed to adequately support them for their deeply disturbing job of removing objectionable videos from t

Late on Thursday, the EU agreed on the details of a major competition reform that would subject the most powerful intermediary technology platforms to a series of talks on how to

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If you’re not addicted to email these days, you either don’t have an email account, or you’re a very young person that marketers haven’t discovered yet (and they will!).push back

Following the release of the dual-motor version late last year, Polestar announced that the 270-mile long-range single-motor version of its Polestar 2 EV is now available in the US.

Streaming service Netflix expanded its game lineup again with two more titles, which went live on Tuesday. The new games are called “Shatter Remastered” and ”

The old Gmail inbox is full of ag tech hype, and frankly, after coming up with the last two newsletters, I can only blame myself (damn, did it again, no?). As for where is this?

Ola said late on Thursday it had struck a deal to acquire Avail Finance, a financial services startup that serves blue-collar workforces, as the ride-hailing giant looks to expand its reach.

Few tech topics are more confusing or intimidating than cryptocurrency.The industry has attracted trillions in investment, but even buying tokens or NFTs is still hard, let alone understanding what

There is work to be done, but pretending that total transaction value is an important indicator is malfeasance.

A wealth of information improves a bank’s ability to support customers, but financial institutions must know how to use it.

If you can’t disrupt them, join them? Once it was ready to retire the taxi system, Uber struck a deal to list all New York City taxis on its app.Later this spring, the New York City rider

British police have arrested seven people suspected of being linked to the Lapsus$ hacking group that has targeted Samsung, Nvidia, Microsoft and

Reddit confirmed that the company is exploring the idea of ​​bringing more user-generated video content to its online discussion forums.Not much has been determined yet about this potential new video f

One of the best investments an aspiring or fledgling early-stage startup founder can make is to attend the TechCrunch Early Stage. Seriously, no hype here.In this founder-focused one-day summation

The company announced this week that HBO Max is introducing a new “Shuffle” button for select TV shows on its platform.The new button starts rolling out globally on Tuesday and is only available

Mozilla today launched MDN Plus, a paid subscription offering on top of the existing (recently redesigned) Mozilla Developer Network (MDN), one of the most popular fin destinations on the web

Repairing a home destroyed in a hurricane, tornado, flood or fire can take a considerable amount of time, during which time hosts are displaced. Captain founder and CEO Demetrius Gray noted,

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