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The architectural design team faced a range of challenges during the design phase, from building taller buildings while avoiding higher costs to shortening occupancy times.If the team is not doing their due diligence

Digital supply chains are known to be increasingly under attack as hackers look to use this medium to gain access to corporate networks and confidential information.But it also means the bus

Here’s a depressing statistic for you: about 30 percent of colonies disappear every year.Scientists coined the term ‘colonial collapse disorder’ (CCD) to describe what is devastating

As businesses increasingly rely on more and more SaaS offerings, security teams must better understand which applications a company’s employees have

Dapio, a UK-based provider of cashless payment solutions for businesses, announced today that it has raised $3.4 million to drive the rollout of its tap-to-pay solution for Android users in the US

When we started covering a few years ago, the startup was capitalizing on a new wave of businesses that wanted to have their own native apps. The last wave of agency building and outsourcing applications was wani

A new player is poised to enter India’s crowded but duopoly UPI payments market.Bengaluru-based Slice, which became a unicorn late last year, plans to introduce UPI payments

Air. I love it and you love it. We walk around here all day, filling our lungs and blood with this stuff. We have had enough.But that beautiful, wonderful, life-saving air

Lotus on Tuesday unveiled a battery-electric “super” SUV called the Eletre, the first of three electric vehicles Lotus plans to launch over the next four years. The results of it? Eletre, which means

This batch of cryptocurrencies is important at YC. Y Combinator Demo Days is back with another bloated batch of startups.In the past, a group of TechCrunch reporters would attend demo days in person

The TechCrunch team reported today on the first day of Y Combinator’s Winter 2022 Demo Day, which included half of the 394 companies planning virtual showcases.Since the entire batch is

China’s augmented reality startup Nreal is booming. The company wants to bring AR to the masses by making colorful, lightweight smart glasses, and it just won a $60 million Se

One thing that hasn’t changed with our Y Combinator coverage is collecting favorites.

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You can “collaborate” on Instagram, but what about Twitter?The social network is continuing to develop a feature that will allow multiple users to co-author a tweet, which it cites

Building an entrepreneurial engineering team has no textbook-approved technique: In the early days, everyone has multiple roles.

The ISP’s approach involves using millimeter waves to transmit broadband-speed internet over the air.

As it turns out, the smartphone market is still surprising to a certain extent. You can almost certainly find out which two companies currently hold the No. 1 and No. 2 positions in the US market.Yo

A well-crafted trailer is the perfect first step in developing a positive relationship.

VinFast, the Vietnamese automaker owned by Vingroup, said on Tuesday it will build its first U.S. factory in North Carolina, as part of the company’s previously announced plans to invest and expand in the United States.

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