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The gig economy has been on an upward trajectory, especially since 2020, when it experienced massive growth accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic. And it shows no signs of slowing down around the world, wi

The Porsche 718 is a mid-engine sports car that injects the automaker’s motorsport history into a modern package and will be fully electrified by 2025. 718 EV was announced during Po

Porsche said it will begin building its own proprietary global network of charging stations next year, a departure from its initial strategy of relying on partnerships with other companies. plan,

In recent years, “femtech” has attracted increased attention and venture capital, with dozens of startups popping up, ranging from digital health apps to newer regenerativ

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Recruiting a successful engineering team can be daunting, especially for first-time and non-technical founders.

PayPal is expanding its service to allow its users to send money to Ukrainians, the company announced Thursday.Before this extension, users in Ukraine could only use PayPal from

Flickr isn’t very good at making money, but as the old adage goes, sex sells. So, to attract more paying subscribers, Flickr changed its content guidelines to only allow Flickr Pro

If you accidentally drop the eye sensor developed by Injectsense, you will have a hard time finding it. Founder and CEO Ariel Cao admits this too. But once it is implanted in t

The billions raised by eVTOL companies last year meant one thing for 2022 – massive growth. These trends will influence how entrepreneurs and investors participate in the emerging eVTOL ecosystem.

Elden Ring is the latest game in the storied tradition of punishing, mysterious titles from developer From Software, following beloved hits like the Dark Souls series and Bloodborne.I have got

Predictably, the at-home fitness craze has waned somewhat since the pandemic-fueled buying spree peaked.Category leader Peloton saddened by gym reopening (among many other things)

Meta, formerly Facebook, said it will begin testing new content tools designed to give advertisers control over where their ads appear in the Facebook and Instagram feeds, the company announced

A nice secondary effect of writing this newsletter is that when I write about a particular topic, I get a flood of responses. Last week was ag tech. I expressed some disappointment in this

After a bullied teen killed herself, a grieving mother last year sued the platform where the abuse took place – Snapchat – for not doing enough to protect its young users.other

New venture capital data from Chicago shows that ratios can change when it comes to venture capital.

Today, Android development runs on a monthly cadence, so Google announced the first developer preview of Android 13 (codenamed “Tiramisu, R

Lost-item tracker and AirTag competitor Tile today introduced its first anti-tracking security feature called Scan and Safe.The technology was first announced with professionals in October

Meet Amie, a startup developing new productivity apps for individuals and teams. The company is launching its app this week where users can sign up for a waitlist. Amie is a well-designed c

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