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Rob Leclerc has the kind of pedigree that investors love. He holds an MS in Computer Science from the University of Calgary and a PhD in Computational Biology from Yale University.In fact, ten

Scaling a self-driving car or electric vehicle startup often requires jaw-dropping capital, and only hedge funds, strategic venture capital firms and institutional investors have the appetite and capital.A generation

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Hi everyone and welcome back to Max Q. This week we have news on small rockets (Astra’s Rocket 3.3) and very, very large (NASA’s Space Launch System). plus further influence from Russia’

Since the birth of the internet, the world of comics seems to have been waiting for a digital revolution. ComiXology, launched in 2007, was the closest thing to offering this game to the media, so naturally

Where “pretending” translates to lying to investors, clients, and yourself is where the ego collides with reality, and in some cases the ego ends up winning.

Lasting, owned by mobile therapy company Talkspace, has launched a new app for parents.The app is called Lasting’s Parenting Guide, and it’s designed to help parents get more crafty

Washington, D.C. Attorney General Carl Racine announced today that his office has filed a lawsuit against Grubhub for “misleading area residents and using local restaurants to promote

Luminar, a company building vision-based lidar and machine perception technology for self-driving cars, bought high-performance laser maker Freedom Photonics on Monday.May all go well with you

Found Live is back with Shivani Siroya, CEO and founder of Tala, a fintech company that works with undervalued communities to build a financial system that works for work

The investment game chasing automotive startups is becoming increasingly competitive in China, with not only established venture capital firms but also industry veterans.Two Mobility Focuses

Miruku is growing and transforming plant crops, using energy from the sun to convert their cells into milk protein.

Apple has been fined again in the Netherlands over an antitrust order related to dating apps.The order requires it to allow local dating apps to use third-party payment technology if

Just as ocean winds propel Earth’s sailboats across the ocean, solar radiation may one day be able to propel spacecraft between stars. Or at least that’s the hope of French startup Gama. AE

It’s been a busy year on Mars for NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter, and it’s not going to slow down now.After 21 flights, the plane is still in good condition, so NASA extends the mission

The stock market hasn’t been kind to SaaS companies in recent quarters, which makes us wonder if we’re seeing the beginning of a trend of private equity targeting vulnerable SaaS companies.

Mining is one of the oldest industries, but it is increasingly employing high-tech methods as demand increases. Plotlogic uses hyperspectral imaging, a technique commonly found in laboratories

New data from Pinduoduo and results from Alibaba and others for the fourth quarter of 2021 suggest that a pull model for near-term e-commerce growth is most likely. For startups, it’s a bit of a mixed bag.

FedEx has been working on a new feature for its consumer mobile app that appears to allow it to better compete with Shopify’s popular Shop app. One of Shopify’s biggest selling points&#

Cadillac on Monday began production of its first electric vehicle, the $60,000 Lyriq crossover.GM luxury brand has high hopes for SUV as first in electric vehicle segment

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