The Eastpointe family had no running water for three weeks


East Point – It starts with the sewer back up into the basement, making a family’s life a hell of a lot East PointTurns out they had a broken pipe in the yard and the contractor started fixing it this week.

It’s been three weeks without water and it’s only getting worse.

Not only did the family go without water for three weeks, but this week, the problem got worse.

Check out this hole seen in the video player above.

When they got their permits this week, they had to stop in a neighbour’s yard as they realised plumbing that needed repairs had run onto the property.

This created new obstacles and left a huge mess in their backyard.

“I cry most of the time, which is why I’m staring at you so I don’t cry,” Petrice Miller-Orear said.

Miller-Orear has tried countless ways to fix broken water pipes, and if her voice doesn’t crack, she can’t really talk about it.


First, the neighbors and their owners were worried about the damage, then they stopped answering her calls and texts.

“I could see if we were trying to knock down half of the house or something, but it was water,” Miller-Orell said. “We don’t have pure necessities.”

She tried Eastpointe City, East Point Police Departmentand legal counsel, but no one could help.

Jason Colethorpe asked: “What’s the emotion when you call all these places and talk to all these people and still get nothing?”

“It’s no help,” Miller Orrell said. “I don’t know when I’m going to stay home because I don’t have any help. “

A representative of the company that owns the neighbouring property answered Colthorp’s call on Friday night (March 25).

One man told Colthorp they would sign off as soon as Miller-Orear said in writing that any damage caused had been repaired.


“Wherever it is now, just restore it to its original state,” the representative said. “As long as you agree, we don’t care. Get your water, you need that.”

Hopefully this will get Miller-O’Rell’s backhoe up and running again, but she wants one more thing besides getting her water back on.

“Just a little bit of empathy,” Miller-Orell said. “From Eastpointe City in company to somewhere until someone says ‘You know, if it were me living without water.'” You are a ruthless person who is not allowed to touch water. “

The representative also cited an argument with the contractor as the reason for the derailment this week.

Colthorp did leave a voicemail on Eastpointe Water’s cell phone.

Miller-Orear did send that email on Friday night, so hopefully it won’t be too long and Local 4 News will be in touch to make sure the owners are adhering to the agreement.

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