The first impulse of 2022. The second season of Japan’s premier esports entertainment “SoulZ – Apex Legends” will be held on March 31st (Thursday)! | XENOZ Co., Ltd. Press Release


We will hold a global event that has not been seen in Japan so far, with professional teams and popular anchors not only in Japan but also overseas. The event will be broadcast on the official SoulZ channel on YouTube and Twitch.
“SoulZ”, which was launched last November, aims to develop the fusion of e-sports and entertainment (=music), which has been booming in recent years, into a world-wide comprehensive entertainment event that the world yearns for. Target.
The first project of the project, held on December 11 last year, was a dream competition that invited professional teams and streamers from Japan and overseas who were both popular and capable in Apex Legends. Reminiscent of the white-hot battle of the recently unrealized Apex Legends World Finals, which received a lot of feedback. In addition, as a special guest, in cooperation with Sony Music Japan International,
Inviting the DJ/producer “SIGALA-Sigala”, the No. 1 DJ/producer on the UK charts, a special live that can only be seen here will be held. A lot of attention was also paid to the DJ playing in a virtual space reminiscent of the Apex Legends training ground.

The second concert on March 31st is one of the most popular concerts in Japan, streamed live as a special guest, and as a new generation of rappers, the total streaming volume in both name and reality exceeds 200000000.Rin soundAppearance decides!
In addition to club parties across Japan centered on Tokyo, he is a popular DJ/curator, appearing at many large festivals around the world including ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL.TJOwill also appear.
Attention will be focused on the exclusive performance that only this Soul Z can deliver.

Professional teams and streamers at home and abroad participating in this event will be announced on SoulZ’s official Twitter and official website at any time.


◆ Game Name: “Apex Heroes”
◆ Date and time: Thursday, March 31, 2022 from 18:00
◆ Distribution platform:
SoulZ Official YouTube
SoulZ Official Twitch
◆Total prize money: 2 million yen
◆ Halftime Live: Rinne / TJO
◆ Live: Kosuke Hiraiwa / Commentary: Sudagi
◆ Participating teams: overseas/domestic streamers (*Details will be announced on SoulZ’s official Twitter and official website at any time.)
◆ Sponsor: Legion

SoulZ Season2 – Official YouTube Trailer

——Introduction of special guests——

Rapper born in Sogata City, Fukuoka Prefecture in 1998.
Released in February 2020, “snow jam” has risen to #1 on Spotify’s domestic viral rankings and #9 overall on Apple Music, with over 250 million total streams.
Won the “Rookie Award” at the “62nd Shining! Japan Record Awards”.
The second album “cloud achoo” will be released on April 20, 2022.

Official website
Snow Jam – Rinne (Official Music Video)
[Rin音 x Soundcore] –Yamenouta (Official Music Video)


An open-format DJ who plays the genre endlessly and is a top curator in Japan. Born in Paris, he is of Japanese, British and Thai descent.

Besides club parties all over Japan, mainly in Tokyo, he has performed at many large festivals around the world.
Among the works of DJ MIX, the realization of the first Japanese MIX CD released by the world’s top dance music label “ULTRA MUSIC” shocked the scene.

Also popular as a radio personality, he has been a regular on for many years, including appearances on major stations.
Additionally, his Instagram Stories, also known as “The TJO Channel,” are as popular as the medium and offer a wealth of content from Spotify playlists, including music intros, seasonal miscellaneous news topics, and audience Q&As. . I am sending.
As a music producer, he also provides music for various artists in Japan and overseas.
In recent years, he has been appointed as the director of the new label “SoulZ Sounds” born from the e-sports entertainment project “SoulZ”. He teamed up with British producer Sigala on the hit “You For Me SoulZ Remix” with Rita Ora.

Talented bilingual DJ.
It has received great support from many media and a wide audience.

Official website

◆Live: Kosuke Hiraiwa ◆Commentary: Sudagi

◆ Live: Kosuke Hiraiwa (picture on the left)
In 2011, he joined Asahi Broadcasting as an announcer, responsible for live performances such as professional baseball and J League. In the spring of 2018, he left the company, became the first e-sports announcer in Japan, and established ODYSSEY Co., Ltd., which focuses on e-sports business.
Currently, he is one of the most sought after people in the esports world, not only from the media, but also constantly asking for live commentary from various fields.

◆ Description: Akira Suda (right picture)
The anchor of the professional e-sports team ZETA DIVISION. As an Apex hero, AIM’s professional players and teams are all top-level, and the game commentary and coaching videos have attracted much attention.



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Company Name: XENOZ Co., Ltd.
Headquarters location: 701 Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Kawasaki-ku, Ekimae Honmachi 15-5
Representative: Yuri Yoichi
Established in 2012, the pioneer of the Japanese professional e-sports team registered in 2015.
Currently, it has 10 divisions and is one of the biggest teams in Japan, with multiple achievements in domestic and foreign competitions.


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Company Name: Sugar Bits Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: Meguro Ward, Tokyo
Representative: Takemoto Masashi
In 2002, the first domestic DJ exclusive management and label business began.
Since then, for 20 years, he has participated in many musical entertainment and festival productions not only in Japan but also overseas.

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