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A few days ago, Happy Broccoli Games and Fellow Traveler’s entertaining campus life adventure “Kraken Academy!!” introduced the topic of launching overseas consoles and entering Xbox | PC Game Pass, but Bridge Games issued a new press release. We announce the release of the Japanese Nintendo Switch / Xbox version.

In addition, to celebrate the release of the product, a 20% discount promotion has also started in the domestic market.

The mission handed to us on the first day of school is to save the world! ?? A high school comedy that repeats for three crazy days! “The Kraken Academy! ! 》Nintendo Switch™️/Xbox Version Release Announcement

Today, Fellow Traveler is releasing an adventure game “Kraken Academy!!” on Nintendo Switch™️ that will save the world from doom with an eternal talisman.

The Xbox version was released on the 22nd and was eligible for Xbox Game Pass.

The September 2021 release for PC (Steam) has been Japanese localized by Kashibashi Games.

In addition, as of April 6, 2022, the Nintendo eShop will be 20% off at 1,472 yen (tax included) and the Microsoft Store will be 20% off at 1,680 yen (tax included). You can buy it!

Waiting for you to come to “Kraken Academy” are students who are too individual, teachers who fall asleep during class, crocodiles wandering in the yard, Krakens in the lake… and the mission to save the world from destruction!

It’s hard to find a matomo person. Please enjoy the hachamecha comedy at such a school!

What is “Kraken Academy!!”

A high school adventure game that repeats a 3 day loop to save the world!

The day you arrive at your new school, you are destined to save the world from crisis.

Welcome to the Kraken Academy!

This is no ordinary high school! In ghostly art clubs, cult followers holding suspicious rallies, and even man-eating alligators roam around the school. Worst of all, this school is doomed just three days after you enroll!

Over time, use the amulet given by the magical siren to find the mastermind behind the school and stop the world from being destroyed!

Game Features

Join the club activities that add color to your school life!

The school has four clubs: Music, Art, Sports and Drama. You can even take part in all club activities with the power of the amulet empowered by Kraken. Make lots of friends, save the world and enjoy your school life!

My friend who lost a little head screw!

A teacher who dozed off in class, a janitor who infiltrated a criminal organization, broccoli in the mouth of a classmate, a sports player who likes to fight bears. The students and staff at this school are weird! However, solving everyone’s worries may be the key to saving the world.

Details of “Kraken Academy!!”

[开发者]About Happy Broccoli Game

Happy Broccoli Games is a small indie game studio based in Berlin. Our goal is to create a bright and fun game that allows players to escape into a magical world. Powered by Berlin Brandenburg Media and Coffee Stains.

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[出版商]About fellow travelers

Founded in Australia in 2011, Fellow Traveler is always looking for games with unusual stories at their core. We support developers and artists who are pushing the boundaries of the gaming world, and we believe in connecting games trying to enter uncharted territory with players who are looking for something different… Representative works include “Hacknet”, “Orwell”, “Neo” Cab” and “Genesis Noir”.

Official website:

【The person in charge of the Japanese version of this game】About Bridge Games

Bridge Games is a group of professionals supporting the localization and distribution of overseas indie games for the Japanese market to become “a bridge between Japan and overseas”. Since its inception in 2013, games that have been launched in the Japanese market include Into the Dungeon, Overcooked® Series, Dead Cells, Hollow Knight, Katana Zero, Haven, and more. “We’ve supported over 200 games.

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Twitter: @kakehashigames

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