There will be 22,000 eco-friendly products that are currently on the radar of Gen Z, including “Sneakers made from pineapple waste”! | RX Japan Ltd. Press Release (Former Company Name: Lead Exhibition Japan)


Notably, while the environmental burden of the fashion industry has become a global issue, young people, especially Gen Z, are increasingly interested in sustainability efforts. Gen Z, born after the mid-1990s, has always been familiar with environmental and social issues, with more than 30 percent expressing a willingness to contribute to solving social issues. *22,000 products that consider the latest sustainability such as “ecology”, “ethics” and “decarbonization” will be on display, and many of the latest sustainable products that Gen Z care about will be featured in this exhibition.

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  • Introducing some of the hottest exhibiting products

Pineapple scraps turned into leather!Featured Sneakers

The sustainable sneaker brand was launched in France last year. An eco-friendly brand that uses 5 kinds of fruit and plant (apple, pineapple, grape, cactus, corn) waste and materials made from bio-polyurethane instead of leather, reducing CO2 emissions by about 90%.

Cheyenne Rich Lifestyle
Product name:MoEa-Pineapple Full Yellow Unisex Sneakers

From the lees⁉ Amazing Grape Bag

A backpack made from grape skins that upcycles the residue (press residue) from the winemaking process. The material was developed by VEGEA Italy, the wine production center. This is an elegant and functional bag.

IFarmaissance Brands Ltd
Product name:Grapasack

Made in Japan clothing made from recycled denim

Taking advantage of the waste and losses created in the production process, the items that have fulfilled the role and the items that are about to be lost for what they are, casual wear brands that want to offer them again as “valued items” are their value.

MN Interfashion Co., Ltd.
Brand/Product Name:minute

Italian wooden watch made from furniture scraps

Italian wooden watch brand “Green Time”
It is a sustainable product made from often discarded furniture waste, born in Italy in 2014. Its design is also excellent.
K-Wave Net Co., Ltd.

Product name:ZW171A

Raw sugar cane!Latest Textile Brands

Bio is a D2C lifestyle brand that aims to achieve a rich life by proposing items that utilize the human- and planet-friendly functions provided by PlaX Fiber, a fiber produced from sugar cane.

bioengineering company
Brand/Product Name:biology

Into FAW Tokyo (Tokyo Fashion World)
2nd Sustainable Fashion Expo [春]

【Date】April 6th (Water) to 8th (Gold), 2022 10:00~17:00
[地点]Tokyo Big Sight West Building
[主要活动]RX Japan Co., Ltd. (Former company name: Reed Exhibitions Japan)
[同时举行] [新設]Fashion DX EXPO / Japan Fashion EXPO / Import Fashion EXPO / Overseas Fabrics / Materials EXPO / Fashion OEM EXPO
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* Exhibitor and product numbers listed in this release are final projections as of March 22, 2022, including concurrent exhibitions, which may increase or decrease at the time of the show. Published information comes from exhibitor/exhibitor product search sites, individual company websites, and information received from exhibitors. Products on display on the day are subject to change. caution.

[出处]Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry July 2021 Textile Industry Sustainable Development Research Group Report
* Nikkei XTREND “Contribute to society even if it’s expensive” Gen Z loves ethics

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