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Nippon Ichi Software is software for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch scheduled for release on Thursday, June 30, 2022.void * tRrLM2 (); // void terrarium 2], new information such as electrified terrariums and Toriko’s care is released.

In this work, Toriko’s room “Terrarium” has been transferred from the previous work. You can make your own terrarium by farming, changing clothes, and organizing things. Depending on the atmosphere of the terrarium, the BGM may change, or you may see Toriko’s expressions that you don’t normally see.

Also, you can manage multiple terrariums as the game progresses. Create terrariums with different environments and themes, and take care of Toriko effectively.

Click here to buy “void * tRrLM2 (); // Void Terrarium 2” (Switch) (Amazon.co.jp)

Click here to buy “void *tRrLM2 (); // Void Terrarium 2” (PS4) (Amazon.co.jp)

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product information

  • Title: void * tRrLM2 (); // void terrarium 2
  • Genre: Care Dungeon RPG
  • Compatible models: PlayStation4 / Nintendo Switch
  • Director: Yuya Hosono
  • Planning/Character Design: Yuyuki Furuya
  • BGM: Sugieichi
  • Scheduled release date: Thursday, June 30, 2022
  • Number of players: 1
  • Price: Set version 7,678 yen (tax included) / DL version 7,678 yen (tax included)
  • CERO: B (for ages 12 and over)
  • Official website

The glass container is electrified!

In “Void Terrarium 2” we’re moving to a new terrarium!
Grow plants with Toriko, dress up…
Enjoy the new life of robots and girls!

Move to a new terrarium!
Robot and Toriko’s new life ♪

Toriko’s Vegetable Garden!

cute boobs on canopy bed
Toriko feels like a princess!

If you don’t play, you might sneak…

Let’s plant a terrarium with Toriko

New terrariums allow you to sow and grow plants!
Adjust temperature and humidity to create the right environment for your plants.
You can also get seeds, items and recipes by harvesting grown plants!

Toriko helped with watering.

Turn on the steam power!
Temperature and humidity control is important for plant growth!

Toriko looks hot…
At this rate, Toriko could get sick.

Glass container of your choice

The atmosphere of the terrarium changes depending on what you place!
Depending on the atmosphere, the BGM may change, and you may see Toriko’s expressions that you can’t normally see…?

A horror terrarium is done!
Toriko is also scared…

New outfits and hairstyles have been added to Toriko’s outfit!
Let’s enjoy fashion according to the glass container!

Find recipes and enrich your wardrobe!

When you come back from exploring, Toriko might change into your favorite clothes!

The terrarium has expanded!

As the game progresses, you will be able to manage multiple terrariums.
Create terrariums with different environments and themes, and take care of Toriko effectively!

Let’s move the terrarium with Toriko.

Build greenhouses and grow plants efficiently!

A playroom full of toys is complete!
Let’s have fun with Toriko!

Game flow

1. Living environmentglass containerTake care of Toriko

Toriko does not live in a polluted world.
in the only thing she can consume[玻璃容器]the player turns into a robot and takes care of Toriko.

Feed Toriko to keep her hungry, and work with the AI ​​Factory to heal her when she’s sick.
For Toriko, who was waiting alone to find the robot, it was also important to improve the environment inside the terrarium.

2. Explore the dungeon and collect the things you need to take care of!

Go to the dungeon to find the things you need to take care of Toriko.
Since every search[随机地牢]The dungeon changes appearance every time, so you can enjoy a different search each time.

The props obtained in the exploration can also be used in the battle, make full use of the props to fight!
When you’re done exploring, you can bring back the acquired items as “resources”.

Even if you fall in battle, you can bring items home, so let’s explore actively!

New dungeons like desert and crystal areas are also available!
Stage-exclusive items and recipes! ??

3. Use resources to craft items!

Items obtained through dungeon exploration can be turned into “resources” and taken home.
Use resources and recipes to craft terrarium decorations and items!

Crafting also activates crafting bonuses.
With crafting bonuses, you can increase the power (attack, defense, health) of the robot you are exploring, and make exploration more comfortable by increasing Toriko’s hunger and the filth of the crystal ball!

4. Decorate the glass container with elaborate decorations!

Decorate your terrarium with crafted decorations and items!
The environment of the terrarium and the behavior of Toriko will vary depending on the object, so let’s make various terrariums and play with Toriko.

Toriko can also play with furniture and toys that have been placed.
Standing on a chair is dangerous!

Beautiful glass containers bring a good mood!
Toriko also sang involuntarily♪

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