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From April, the TV anime “Senkawa” will start on Mezamashi TV. The original is a popular manga published by illustrator Nagano on Twitter, with more than 950,000 followers (as of March 18, 2022). It has become widely popular from adults to children as it fascinates the gaps in the grim worldview unfolded by small, lovable characters. Before the main storyline, two interviews will be conducted with Haruka Aoki who plays Chikawa and Ari Ozawa who plays Rabbit in “Senkawa Fortune Teller” which will be broadcast in January! They also told us about the charm of “Chikawa”, their impressions of each other, and their morning routine as it aired on Mezamashi TV.

Aoki is the first TV anime challenge!

Aoki is the first TV anime challenge!

――What do you think is popular about Chikawa?

Aoki:After all, I think the character is cute. The first time I saw it, I instinctively said “cute!” My dad was watching Qianchuan on Twitter, so I didn’t know the content, but I knew there was a manga called Qianchuan. I’m also surprised that my dad knows such cute manga (laughs). In addition, I think Suona’s drawing method and very realistic places are also very attractive.

Ozawa:At first glance, I was also attracted by the cute visuals. As you read this story, you realize it’s not the only attraction. There’s a mysterious part, I feel like adults are drawn to places where there’s a habit. Sure, you can fully enjoy the cuteness of the exterior, but there’s also the deep moan “I get it!” There are some scary creatures, and I think a lot of adults wonder what kind of life these kids lead. Lovely and mysterious feeling, balanced and delicate, totally addicted to it.

– Mr. Aoki said it was the first time to try TV animation, but how about the dubbing?

Aoki:It’s my first time, so I was really looking forward to it before recording. When I actually recorded it, it was fun. Sometimes it’s hard for everyone to record together in Corona, but when we can record together, it’s fun to interact. The difficulty is that I don’t speak Japanese (laughs). It’s a little difficult to express emotions.

Ozawa:You and your mom practice a lot, right?

Aoki:Yes! I asked him to explain Chikawa’s feelings in various ways.

Ozawa:While reading the manga and the script, I wondered if Chikawa’s health could be shown to adults, but when the actor’s name came out, I was sure “I got it!”. When I listened to the voices of Haruka-chan and Masato Tanaka who played the Hachiware characters, the word “cute” unexpectedly leaked out even though it wasn’t in the rabbit’s line (laughs). The cuteness of Qianchuan and Bahua, which adults can’t complain about, comes from their acting skills, and I believe everyone will like them.

Aoki:I am very happy! I’m used to my voice, but I still don’t find it cute. If a voice actor called me “cute”, I would have confidence.

Mysterious and addicting!This is an anime that adults are addicted to

Mysterious and addicting!This is an anime that adults are addicted to

――Please tell us what you like about Chikawa and Rabbit.

Aoki:I love the cute look and content, but the tenderness is also attractive. I also like the fact that I am very worried about my friends. He is friendly with bees and always caring. I think it’s really good to get to know your friend.

Ozawa:It’s hard for adults to be careful. Xiaochun, who knows that she is careful, is also very powerful.

Aoki:Usagi likes high tension places.

Ozawa:It’s a character you don’t notice (laughs). I feel like I’m running free. I’m not trying to be funny or for humor, but I feel like I got the kindness of Chiikawa and Hachiware who made me laugh. It’s a character who can live alone, but I think it’s okay with three people because the kindness of two people is comfortable.

– I don’t speak Japanese, and I’m not a human character. Do you have any ideas or designs while performing?

Aoki:Like Chikawa, I engineer the pitch of my voice when I’m playing a character that’s not a creature. It is usually a little higher than usual.

Ozawa:In the case of rabbits, I realized to act with enthusiasm rather than cuteness. It’s easier to play when nervous, but a little low when it’s cool, so it might sound like a vocal. I find it hard to control. However, I always knew that rabbits are small animals. For me, I was assuming the size of this stuffed animal.

Aoki:But considering the size of the cream puffs, is the actual size a bit bigger?

Ozawa:Isn’t the cream puff Qianchuan eats very small?

Aoki:Oh, that’s right.

Ozawa:It would be cute if it was this size.


I'm not good at waking up early!It doesn't hurt to wake up early on days you're having fun

I’m not good at waking up early!It doesn’t hurt to wake up early on days you’re having fun

――What was the reaction when it was announced that you would be in charge of Chiikawa’s voice?

Aoki:My friend said, “I saw the news.” I was really excited to notice it.

Ozawa:Since the animation is about to start in April, why don’t you say “I’m doing Chiigawa’s dubbing” when you change classes to introduce yourself?

Aoki:Do you want to introduce yourself?

Ozawa:Advertise (laughs)

Aoki:Can you be a popular person? I’m a very conspicuous person, let’s just say it (laughs).

Ozawa:Say, say. More and more publicity (laughs)

――The products of “Chikawa” are also very popular, but are there any products that you are interested in?

Aoki:I want a Chiikawa handbag.

Ozawa:Should be on sale. You should ask the producer (laughs). I would like to use a fork or something like that.

Aoki:Maybe it doesn’t matter!

Ozawa:Seems to be easily stabbed. Also, I wish I had pajamas.

Aoki:I want you to listen to the hood!

During the interview, the gas field is full of energy!two good friends

During the interview, the gas field is full of energy!two good friends

– I think you are very close. Please tell us about each other’s charm.

Aoki:I was nervous at first, but he was kind and got used to it, and I enjoyed chatting with him. I love kindness and support!

Ozawa:When Haruka-chan and I were the same age, I was too shy to speak. As with today’s interview, I really admire being able to speak without being shy even when surrounded by a lot of adults. Even a junior high school student can’t do it…

Aoki:I’m the kind of person who talks to strangers (laughs). If you want to be friends, you’ll try to talk to them even if you’re embarrassed.

Ozawa:That’s a talent. Like me, there are a lot of people who can’t do it when they grow up.

——The TV animation “Chikawa” was broadcast on Mezamashi TV. I think many people will make watching “Thousand Rivers” a morning routine. Please tell us what you both were doing this morning.

Aoki:Lately, I often oversleep and rush to school (laughs). I’m not good at it in the morning, so I always say “ah, no, no, no,” but rush to school. When I woke up my sister set an alarm on the iPad. The futon was so warm and comfortable inside that I couldn’t get out…you can get up earlier than expected while recording. During the tour, I got up at 4:50. The type that wakes up after having fun (laughs).

Ozawa:No matter how many times I get it, I don’t have a good morning. Lately, I’ve been living irregularly, but when I wake up in the morning, what I’m drinking has changed. I started drinking vegetable juice and I used to think “what is warm?” but I started drinking warm naturally. Regular hot water or coffee. I think that’s what it means to be an adult.

Aoki:Even in winter I drink ice in my tea!

Ozawa:Yes, I’m that type too, but my body seems to gradually want something warmer…

Aoki:I don’t drink much water in the morning.

Ozawa:I see. me too. But you’ll be suddenly thirsty later.

Aoki:Suddenly at noon.

Ozawa:I didn’t think tea was delicious at first, but recently I think I can understand the taste of adults. Is it proof of age?

Aoki:I wonder if I can drink too.

Ozawa:I believe it will change.

What made me realize I'm an adult

What made me realize I’m an adult

——You said that your father was reading “Thousand Rivers”. How do you usually like Aoki? Would you like to check it out on Twitter with your dad?

Aoki:”After getting to know Chikawa, I started to occasionally read manga on Twitter, which I usually read in e-books and paper books.

Ozawa:Because of Chikawa, I also started checking manga on Twitter and Instagram. There are a lot of stories that interest me, so I just read them. I check so much that I can enjoy it every day.

Interview/Text = Tanaka Shinobu

broadcast information

TV animation “Thousand Rivers”

On April 4, 2022 (Monday) at around 7:40 on “Mezamashi TV” (Fuji TV drama 5:25-8:00)

(It will not be broadcast every day for the time being, but will be broadcast while adjusting the number of times. Please check “Mezamashi TV” and the official anime website for details.)

After the broadcast (8:00~), it will be broadcast on YouTube, TVer, GYAO!, FOD for a week.

■ Actor:

Chiikawa: Haruka Aki / Hachiware: Masato Tanaka / Usagi: Ari Ozawa / Momonga: Yuka Iguchi / Pochette’s Armor: Tomokazu Sugita / Labor’s Armor: Hiroki Tochi / Ramen’s Armor: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka / Racco: Yuma Uchida / Kurimanju: Takayuki Asai Wait

■ Staff:

Original: Nagano “Senkawa” / Series Director: Taketoku Mihara / Set Design: Yuki Asakura / Color Design: Kei Ishiguro / Director of Filming: Naohiro Kaneko (produced by Sanko) / Sound Director: Masaki Tsuchiya / Music: Tokumaru Shugo / Editing: Shingo Chaya / Animation: Video Studio

(C) Nagano/Chikawa Production Committee

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